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Juneberry GMR bus route returns to normal

Water flows over County Road 7 in the Juneberry Township back on October 28. The flooding on this road caused a change in a Greenbush-Middle River School bus route for a few weeks, but the route returned to normal as of last Friday (November 1).

For a few weeks, the Greenbush-Middle River School District had been experiencing some transportation changes, more specifically a longer bus route due to the overland flooding on County Road Seven in the Juneberry Township. But, according to latest word from the district, this impacted bus route had returned to normal as of last Friday.

Due to recent heavy rainfall, water flooded over this road, closing the road and making it impassable driving east and west. To get to students in this Juneberry area, located in the northwest corner of the district, the assigned GMR bus driver had to travel through Lake Bronson and then east to pick up and drop off those students.

This change led to about 200 additional miles per day, including before and after school, for this specific route, according to the GMR Transportation Director Jeremy Sovde. Approximately 16 GMR students were impacted by this issue. One student, Guggisberg said, had to sit on the bus for two hours.

Later on, the bus driver of this route would continue to take this Lake Bronson route to pick up and drop off students, but began taking County Road Seven on its return trip to Greenbush when the bus was empty of students.

According to the October 21 GMR Board Meeting Agenda, when the water receded and/or Roseau County addressed the issue, this route would go back to normal. At this meeting, Board Chairperson Shane Kilen expressed his thoughts on when this issue would be resolved.

“I think it’s going to be awhile,” Kilen said.

On November 5, Superintendent Guggisberg reported that Roseau County Highway Engineer Brian Ketring told him that by November 6 a contractor would work to address impacted areas along this road, where water is flowing over or standing on the road. This work would be completed by November 6 or 7.

This repair would improve the traveling along this route for school buses, farmers and those participating in the upcoming deer season, Guggisberg said. He also expressed his appreciation to parents for their understanding during this time.

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