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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN; that the parcels of land described in the List of Tax-Forfeited Land that is contained
herein shall be sold to the highest bidder at public sale. The sale will be governed by the provisions of MS 2820 1 and by
the resolution of the Lake of the Woods County Board of Commissioners authorizing the sale. The resolution reads as
The following resolution was offered by Commissioner Buck Nordlof, seconded by Commissioner Jon Waibel and carried
unanimous ly the following:
RESOLUTIO N ‘0 . 19- 10-01
WHEREAS; the County Board of Commissioners of the County of Lake of the Woods, State of !Vlinnesota, desires to
offer for sale certain parcels of land that have forfeited to the State of lVIinnesota for non-payment of taxes, and
WHEREAS ; said parcels of land have been viewed by the County Board of Commissioners and have been classified as
non-conservation lands as provided for in Minnesota Statutes 282.0 I.
WHEREAS; that the basic sale price of each parcel on the List of Tax-Forfeited Land has been set by the County Board
of Commissioners and are on file with the County Auditor/Treasurer;
NOW, TH EREFORE, BE IT RESOLV ED; that the Lake of the Woods County Board of Commissioners hereby certify
that tl,e parcels of tax-forfe ited land listed on the List of Tax-Forfe ited Land be approved and tl,e authorization for a
public sale of this land be granted, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 282.0 I;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; tlrnt the sale of said Tax-Forfeited Land will be held in tlie Lake of the Woods County
Commissioners Room, at 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 3, 20 19, by the Lake of the Woods County Auditor/Treasurer;
for not less than tl1e basic sale price and that a ll sa les shall be in full payment at the time of the sale.
J certify that this is a tn;e and complete copy of t he original thereof, which is on file and of record in the Office of the
County Auditor/J’reasurer, lake of the Woods County, Minnesota.
DATEDa t Baudette,M innesota this 22″”d ay of October 2019.
Lorene Hanson, County Auditor/J’reasurer
lnfonnation about the sale of tax-forfeited land in Lake of the Woods County can be obtained at the office of the County
Auditorffreasurer: Address – 206 8., Ave SE, Suite 260, Baudeue, MN 56623; Phone 218-634-2836.
Tax FoJ’feitcd Land Sale Listing
Parcel Pre & Post Forf. Total Ddinq. Estimated
Legal Description Spec.Asmts Amount Due Market Value
17-0744-040 W½NW¼ of SE¼SE¼ $489.00 $3,114.20 $36,200
Sec 7, Twp I 62, Rg 34
19-2614 -011 S½S½N½SE¼NE¼ $0 $1,573.15 $10,000
Sec 26, Twp 162, Rg 32
21-1233-030 Part ofSW ¼SW¼ S350.00 $4,065.16 $15,600
Sec 12, Twp 161, Rg 34
21-1312-040, 21-1312-041 , and S658.00 $2,171.59 $7,700
21-1321-010 Part ofNW ¼»1£¼ and
part of l\1£¼NW¼ Sec 13, Twp 16 1, Rg 34
22-1732-000 Part ofNW ¼SW¼ S684.47 $4,679.97 $34,500
Sec 17,Twp 161, Rg33
23-2533-020 S½N½SW¼SW¼ $0 $945.77 $12,800
Sec 25. Twp 161, Rg 32
30-31 11-000 l\”E¼NE¼ $48.00 $1,831.03 $22,800
Sec 31, Twp 160, Rg 31
61-5054-060 Lots 6-9, 131k5 4 $0 $25.74 $100
Plat in Spooner
61-5501-090 Lot 9, Blk 1 $0 $594.13 $7,700
First Addition to East Beaudette
62-530 1-010 Lot I, Blk 1 $6,285.83 $9,451.25 $4,700
First Addition to Williams
62-5302-030 Lot 3 & S33’ Lot 2, Blk 2 $5,398.00 $9,005.72 $9,000
First Addition to Williams
62-5403 -030 Lots 3 & 4, Blk 3 $5,984.00 $10,876.89 $11,000
Second Addition to Williams
62-5404-040 Lots 4-9, Blk 4 $7,677.41 $13,620.16 $13,500
Second Addition to Williams
(Legal descriptions are summarized. Full legal descriptions can be provided by the Auditor’s Office)
Sale Bid
PUBLIC SALES : All tax forfeited land is offered at public auction and sold to the highest bidder. The minimum bid
acceptable is the basic sale price tliat is shown on the list of tax forfeited land. 1l1c basic sale price is equal to or lesser
than the assessed/appraised value and may include additional charges for unpaid special assessments or timber values as
appraised by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
PARCELS NOT SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION : Parcels not sold at a public sale may be purchased after the
public sale by paying the basic sale price of the parcel. 1l1e basic sale price cannot be changed unless the parcel is reappraised,
republished, and again offered at a later public sale.
FEES: The following fees will be collected at the time of sale: State Assurance Surcharge, 3%; State Deed Fee, $25;
Deed filing fee, $2S.00; Deed Recording Fee, $46.00; Well Disclosure Certificate, $50 (if applicable); and State Deed
Tax, equal to the greater of $1.65 or 0.33% of the basic sale price.
Payment includes timber value and certified special assessments to county.
SPECIAL ASSESSMEN TS: Any special assessments certified to the county, prior to or after forfeitur e, are included
and must be paid by the purchaser as part of the basic sale price. It is the responsibility of the prospective buyer to contact
the appropriate city to determine any special assessments not certified to the county and that may be subject to further
assessment tl1ereof.
CONDITIONS: Sales are subject to the following restrictions on the use of the propert ies: existing leases, building
codes and zoning laws, and easements obtained by any government subdivision or agency tl1ereof for a public purpose.
The assesse d/appraised value does not represent a bas is for future taxes.
All property is sold ”as is” and may not co11for1t1o1 c urrent local building mid zoni11go rdi11a11ceLsa. ke oftl ,e Woods
Cmmty makes 110w arrantyt hat the land is “buil,Jable”. All mies are final , and 110 refiuuls or exdumges are permitte,J.
Lake of the Woods County is not respo,rsih/e for Joctdum or determining property lilies or boundt”ies. Access to the
property is the respo11sibililoyf the buyer.
*lake of the Woods County is unaware of any known hazardous substances or petroleum products having been placed,
stored, or released fr om or on the real property by any person in violation of any Jaw, nor of any underground storage
tanks having been located on the real property at any time.
Lead Warning Statement: Every purchaser of any interest in residential real property on which res idential dwelling was
built prior to 1978 is notified that such property may present exposure to lead from lead -based paint that may place young
children at 1isk of developing lead poisoning. Lead poisoning in young children may produce permanent neurological
damage, including learning disabilities, reduced intelligence quotient, behavioral problen1s, and impaired memory. Lead
poisoning also poses a particular risk to pregnant women.
*Lake of the Woods County is unaware of any known hazards or risk assessments on or available for applicable sale
Radon Warning Statement: The MN Dept. of Health strongly recommends that ALL homebuyers have an indoor radon
test performed prior to purchase or taking occupancy and recommends having U1e radon levels mitigated if elevated
concentrations are found. Elevated radon concentrations can easily be reduced by a qualified, certified, or licensed, if
applicable, radon mitigator. Every buyer of an interest in residential real property is notified that the property may present
exposure to dangerous levels of indoor radon gas that may place the occupants at risk of developing radon-induced lung
cancer. Radon, a Class A human carcinogen, is the leading cause of Jung cancer in nonsmokers and the second leading
cause overall. 1l1e seller of any interest in residential real property is required to prov ide tl1e buyer with any informat ion
on radon test results of the dwelling.
*lake of the Woods County is ,maware of any radon testing, records, concentration levels, or mitigation systems on or
available f or applicable sale properties.
TITLE: PROOF OF OWNERSHIP: The buyer will receive a receipt at the lime of the sale. “!be Department of
Revenue will issue a State quitclaim deed after full paymm t is made. A State deed has the characteristics of a patent from
the State of Minnesota.
SETTLEMENT JS FINAL: No warranties as to physical condition of the property have been made by Seller, its
Employees or Agents; any warrant ies of physical condition of the property are void. The Seller, its Employees or Agents,
have no further responsibility or liability with respect to the condition or management of the property.
FOR ALL LAl’ID NOT IN A PLATTED SUBDIVISION: There are restrictive covenants required for marginal
lands and wetlands including lands in Auditor ‘s Subdivisions (see .vlinnesota Statutes Section 103F.535, Subd. 2; and
Section 282.018, Subd. 2.)
FORMER OWNERS: .vlust pay the purchase price or the amount of delinquency, whichever is more, pursuant to
Minnesota Statutes Section 282.0 1, Subd. 7; Section 282.012; and Section 282.241.

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