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Sion Quilters: Helping Others for 75 Years

The Sion quilters and a couple of the kitchen help.

Linda Andersen

Seems the folks at Sion Lutheran Church in Lancaster put their whole effort into everything they do, whether it be hosting the annual smorgasbord or serving the annual lutefisk dinner.

The Sion quilters are no exception. According to one of the organizers, Barb Peterson, the group has been warming the world with its quilts for about 75 years.

They meet every Monday and Tuesday morning, at 9 am, January through March. Not everyone sews. Some just help in the kitchen, cut fabric, or tie quilts.

Barb described participation in a quilting session as “a good social outing” and noted that anyone is welcome to join them who is interested. Not everyone who participates is a member of the church.

A few men also show up at the event to eat lunch and help with kitchen clean up.

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