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Snowmobile Racing Provides Winter Fun & Friendship

Jax Norberg and Gage Clark on their snowmobiles.

Linda Andersen

The “vroom, vroom” sound of snowmobiles was in the air. People clad in snowmobile suits were everywhere. Pickups and race trailers filled the area behind the casino in Thief River Falls.

Although it was a decent day for January, a cold wind made it uncomfortable outside. It was good to find the race trailer of Brandon and Jessica Clark and be invited inside.

From the warmth of that trailer, the family and their friends had a prime view of the day’s races.

It was nearly time for 9-year old Gage Clark and friend, 12-year old Jax Norberg (son of Brandon and Karissa Norberg), their Polaris 120 (small sled) snowmobiles, but they had time for some quick responses to the question of what they enjoy about this winter sport of snowmobile racing.

“I go fast. At some of the banquets you get prizes. You get to compete with other people,” reported Gage.

“Having fun, playing with my friends,” was Jax’s response.

Thirteen -year old Katie Clark would race later on her larger, 500 Arctic Cat snowmobile. She had a response similar to the boys to the question of the perks of snowmobile racing.

“It’s fun to race outside with all your friends,” she said.
Soon plenty of action took place in the trailer as they pulled the boys’ snowmobiles out the front.

“They’re so competitive when they race each other,” commented Jessica Clark, as the race began.

The sport looks like it could be a bit dangerous, but Jessica offered the assurance that gear, such as Tek vests, kneepads, mouth guards, neck braces and helmets offer protection.

(Read the rest of the article in this week’s North Star News).

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