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Kittson County (MN) Presidential Nomination Primary

Mail Ballots”
to be Mailed Out

Ballots will be mailed out not more than 46 days & nor later than 14 days from the Primary Election date of March 3, 2020 to all persons in the townships and cities of Arveson, Cannon, Caribou, Clow, Davis, Deerwood, Granville, Hallock Township, Hampden, Hazelton, Hill, Jupiter, McKinley, Norway, Peatland, Pelan, Percy, Poppleton, Richardville, Skane, South Red  River, Springbrook, St Joseph, St Vincent Township, Svea, Tegner, Teien, Thompson, Donaldson, Halma, Humboldt, Kennedy, Lake Bronson, Lancaster and the City of St Vincent that have elected to conduct their elections by the “Mail Ballot” method.  This procedure is allowed by Minnesota Statute 204B.45.
All individuals registered to vote by the 21st day before the election will be mailed a ballot.  Eligible voters not registered at the time the ballots are mailed out may apply for absentee ballots at the Kittson County Taxpayer Services Office at the Kittson County Courthouse and vote.
Instructions for mail balloting will be enclosed and must be followed completely or your vote may not be counted.  Return envelopes are provided for ballot returns to the County Administrator’s Office.  If you are no longer a resident of the above named township or city, you cannot use the ballots and vote this option; you must re-register.
Electronic voting systems will be available for mail ballot precincts at the County Taxpayer Services Office that permit persons with disabilities to vote privately and independently and that permit any voter to submit their ballot to be automatically checked and corrected for voting errors prior to being cast and counted.
Ballots will be counted by a DS-450 Digital Scanner/Tabulator at 8:00 p.m. Election Night at the Kittson County Courthouse.
Return your ballot so it will be delivered to the Courthouse by Election Day,
March 3, 2020.  Ballots received after March 3, 2020 will not be counted.
Additional information may be obtained from Eric Christensen, Kittson County Administrator, 410 5th St SE, Suite 212, Hallock MN 56728 or call 218-843-2655.
February 13 2020

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