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Greenbush-Middle River One-Act performance highlights dissociative identity disorder

Greenbush-Middle River One-Act Play cast members pose for a group photo. Under the direction of Kaitlynn Wilson, this crew performed the play “… And Others” twice, the first time at the Sub-Section competition on January 25 at Lake of the Woods School and the second time on the GMR School stage on January 30 for students and staff. Cast members are (L-R): Front: Aubre Berg, Gage Creekmore and Gabriel Curfman; Back: Gracie Brandon, Chance Christian, Piper Sondreal, Sarah Stanelle and Michael Diaz. (submitted)

GMR senior Sarah Stanelle performs as Katarina in the GMR One-Act play performance of “… And Others” on the GMR School stage on January 30. (submitted)

GMR senior Piper Sondreal performs as Amanda, a 26-year old woman with dissociative identity disorder, in the GMR One-Act play performance of “… And Others” on the GMR School stage on January 30. (submitted)

The Greenbush-Middle River One-Act cast and crew had the opportunity to perform in Sub-Sections on Saturday, January 25, at the Lake of the Woods School in Baudette, and on Thursday, January 30, for the GMR High School students and staff.

Drama Director Kaitlynn Wilson shared the following about the one-act play GMR students performed, entitled … And Others by Dennis Bush:

According to a Brooklyn Publishers synopsis, this play is a journey through the mind and memory of Amanda, a 26-year-old woman. … And Others explores the dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality syndrome) that resulted from a trauma she suffered at thirteen. Seven personas – female and male – struggle for control.With a mix of terrifying intensity, quirky humor, and heart-breaking revelations, this 30-minute one-act play will give actors challenging roles to play, directors an opportunity for creative staging, and will have audiences on the edge of their seats.

The cast members included: Piper Sondreal as Amanda; Aubre Berg as Kade; Sarah Stanelle as Katarina; Gracie Brandon as Rachel; Gage Creekmore as Brady; Gabriel Curfman as Randall; Chance Christian as Liam; and Michael Diaz as Myles. Crew members were: Paris Sondreal, Carl Swenson, Ava Novacek, Alyssa Waage, Jonah Creekmore, and Nicole Berard.

To see the complete story, read the February 5 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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