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Sweethearts for 68 Years Plus

Interviewed at their beautiful home in Karlstad, Roy and Emojean
Anderson smiled at each other and said to each other, “Go ahead,”
several times when asked a question.
They’ll have been married for 69 years on March 31, but their
romance goes back further than that.
Emojean (Koland) told of them being “high school sweethearts” back
at Strandquist High School. The Koland Family home in Arveson Township
of Kittson County had burned and the family moved into her grandmother’s
house in Strandquist.
She was a cheerleader and he played basketball. They would ride on
the bus to and from games.
“Koland, save me a seat,” Emojean reported Roy as saying.
“So he could sit with you?” inquired the interviewer.
“And I wanted to sit with him,” she responded.
Emojean considers getting a ride home with him as the real start of
the romance – “I was walking home after a ball game and he came driving
by and asked if I wanted a ride and sure enough I did.”
Are they willing to tell their ages? “We’re proud of our ages,”
responded Roy.
Roy is 90 and Emojean is 89.
What advice would the two give to young couples?
“You’ve got to like each other and you’ve got to love each other,”
said Roy.
“Give and take,” said Emojean.
“We’ve gotten along really good,” added Roy.
No relationship is perfectly peaceful. How has the couple handled
“We haven’t had many conflicts,” stated Roy.
“Oh we’ve had them. You’re mad for a while and then it goes away,”
reported Emojean.

Read the rest of the article in the February 13 issue of the North Star

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