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MCC Contemplates Building Improvements

Marshall County Central students at Newfolden must regularly walk
across the street between the elementary and high school buildings, a
situation which is a safety concern.

Marshall County Central Schools of Newfolden/Viking is considering
building plan options in an effort to accomodate more students,
modernize and address safety issues. They are currently working with
Widseth-Smith-Nolting, an architecture/engineering firm.

In the school’s February 2020 newsletter, superintendent and
elementary principal, Jeffrey Lund, presented information on the
subject. He noted the district has seen “steady growth” over the past
five years and expects more growth.

According to Lund, “Our school has developed a positive reputation
and remains attractive to open enrollment. This open enrollment has
allowed us to grow at a time when many neighboring schools have declined
in enrollment. Open enrollment helps us by bringing in additional state
funding that helps all of our students. The city of Newfolden is looking
to expand with a new housing development west of the school. The city of
Viking has had new homes built in recent years. Growth of business and
industry in Northwest Minnesota, particularly Digi-Key, will bring in
employment opportunities. Our vicinity to Thief River Falls makes our
rural area and small town way of life attractive to families.”

According to Lund, the district must make building improvements to
address safety issues at the Newfolden Elementary building. “In recent
years we have been sharing a music room, library and art room with the
high school. This requires us to cross the street most of the day with
our students. We are careful but know that is not the safest practice in
the long term,” wrote Lund. He noted, in addition, that the cafeteria
and gym at the Newfolden Elementary building are too small and that high
school students must cross the street for meals at the elementary site.

Read the complete story in the February 20 issue of the North Star

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