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Competition and Connections

Miranda Peterson, of Lancaster, has raced in the world championship race in Eagle River, Wisconsin for the last couple of years and has won trophies while doing so.

Racing is in the blood of Miranda Peterson (13) and her brother, Karsynn Peterson (9). Their Mom, Krystal Peterson, is from a racing family and even raced lawnmowers. Their dad, Mike Peterson, raced cars until the kids started racing.

From December through March, the family spends eight to ten weekends at races in Manitoba, Minnesota and Wisconsin. What do family members enjoy about the sport?

“I enjoy the great friendships and the families we meet through racing. We not only can be friends off the track , but we can be competitive with each other,” responded Miranda.

“I really like competing against my friends. I also like working on snowmobiles making them go faster,” stated Karsynn. Mike and Krystal say participation in the sport teaches their children to make goals and strive after them. In addition, it allows them to “make life long friendships and connections.”

Read more about Miranda’s and Karsynn’s involvement in the sport of snowmobile racing in the February 20 issue of the North Star News.

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