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Greenbush/Middle River School Board (MN) Minutes (January 13,2020)

January 13, 2020
7:30 PM (Greenbush Middle River School Library )

1. Call to Order at 7:33 P.M.
2. Roll Call
2. 1. Roll Call: Shane Kilen, Carrie Jo Howard, Joseph Melby, Kurt Stenberg, Brandon Kuznia, Laurie Stromsodt and Allison Harder
2. 2. Administration: Supt. Larry Guggisberg, Principal Sharon Schultz, Amie Westberg
OTHER ATTENDEES:  Terry Howard, Jina Lund, Cooky Kujava, Debra Koebernick, Anita Locken, Andrew D. McCormick, Kristi Howell, Arlette Pearson
3. Organization of School Board
3. 1. Nominations for School Board Chair :
_Shane Kilen___________________________
Nominations closed with unanimous ballot cast for Shane Kilen to be elected as School Board Chair.
3. 2. Nominations for School Board Vice Chair :
_Brandon Kuznia_______________________
Nominations for School Board Vice Chair :
_Kurt Stenberg_________________________
Roll Call Vote taken with the following results:  Kuznia – 5 votes, Stenberg – 2 votes.  Brandon Kuznia elected as School Board Vice Chair.
3. 3. Nominations for School Board Clerk :
_Carrie Jo Howard______________________
Nominations closed with unanimous ballot cast for Carrie Jo Howard to be elected as School Board Clerk.
3. 4. Nominations for School Board Treasurer :
_Joe Melby____________________________
Nominations closed with unanimous ballot cast for Joe Melby to be elected as School Board Treasurer.
4. Designation of date & time for Regular monthly meetings.
Motion by Carrie Jo Howard, seconded by Allison Harder to designate the third Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. as the official day & time for the regular monthly meeting of the Board unless change is necessitated by unforeseeable events.
5. Designation of School District legal counsel
Designate the Law Firm of Ratwik, Roszak  & Maloney as the School District’s Legal Counsel.  The individuals authorized to contact legal counsel include the Board Chair and the Superintendent or a school staff member given authorization from the Board Chair or Superintendent.
Motion by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Carrie Jo Howard  to designate the Law Firm of Ratwik, Roszak  & Maloney as the School District’s Legal Counsel.
6. Designation of official depositories for school funds.
Motion by Joe Melby, seconded by Allison Harder to designate Border State Bank and the Minnesota School Board Liquid Asset Fund as official depositories for school funds.
7. Selection of Board ad hoc committee representation:
Appointment of Board ad hoc committee representative(s) for:
a. Minnesota State High School League: Principal Sharon Schultz & Shane Kilen
b. Negotiation Committees:
Representatives for the School Board will be chosen at the time an employee group requests negotiations to commence.   Board representatives for each committee negotiates with employee group(s), reports progress to the school board, and makes recommendations to the school board regarding employee agreement(s).
c. Meet and Confer Committee:
Representatives for the School Board will be chosen at the time an employee group requests a meeting.
d. MN School Boards Association (MSBA) legislative liaison:  Joe Melby
e.  Community Education Advisory Council: Allison Harder
8. Rotation of assignments for 2020 Board auditing committee
Board members will be partnered with another board member throughout the 2020 calendar year to review bills prior to each regular board meeting.
Review the attached schedule and let me know if you have any conflicts.
9. Listening Session
10. Recommendation to add items to the agenda from Board members or School Administrators
11. Approval of Agenda
11. 1. A motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Laurie Stromsodt to approve the agenda of the January 13, 2020 Regular Board Meeting as presented.
12. Minutes
12. 1. A motion was made by Carrie Jo Howard, seconded by Laurie Stromsodt to approve the minutes of the preceding regular meeting of December 16, 2019.
13. Business Services
13. 1. A motion was made by Brandon Kuznia, seconded by Shane Kilen to approve the payment of bills check #36846 through check # 36958 for a total of $169,855.72 and Purchasing Card electronic payments dated December 5, 2019 and Electronic Funds Transfers as submitted.
13. 2. Treasurer’s Report
13. 3. Greenbush Middle River School District Budget to Actual Expenditure Report (as previously requested by board member to provide on monthly basis).
• As requested by board member, document will be provided on monthly basis.
Budget consists of 6 fund balances:
• 01 General Fund
• 02 Food Service
• 04 Community Services
• 07 Debt Redemption
• 08 Scholarships
• 09 Student Activities
• *see attached
14. Significant School Events and Communication:
14. 1. Board acceptance of donations to the School
A motion was made by Laurie Stromsodt, seconded by Allison Harder to accept the following donation(s).
Polaris Foundation to First Robotics  ….. $1,316
Greenbush Community Fund to Steam Starts in Kindergarten ….. $500
STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.
Digi-Key to Music Department ….. $500
GiveMN (via Mightycause Charitable Foundation) for purchasing library books)…$20
Donation(s) to Music program via Donation Box at recent Concerts…..$62
Alvin C. Kvaal to  to First Robotics ….. $100
15. Old Business
None at the time of the Release of the Preliminary Agenda
16. New Business:
16. 1. Ratification of employment Agreement between the Greenbush Middle River Education Association and GMR School District
Motion by Carrie Jo Howard and seconded by Allison Harder to approve the  2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Agreement with the Greenbush Middle River Education Association (GMR EA) as negotiated and recommended by the School Board’s teacher negotiation committee.   see Exhibit 16.1.
16. 2. City of Greenbush multi-use trail system
Ms. Anita Locken representing the City of Greenbush will present a concept map for a proposed multi-use trail system in the City of Greenbush.
Motion by Laurie Stromsodt and seconded by Carrie Jo Howard to approve the construction by the City of Greenbush of a multi-use trail on the perimeter and existing easement(s) bordering the GMR school campus.
17. Reports:
17. 1. Superintendent
17. 1. a. Greenbush Middle River School District Enrollment
See attached for Greenbush Middle River School District enrollment as of Jan. 10, 2020.
17. 1. b. Technology Coordinator
The School District’s Technology Coordinator (Mr. Lee Koebernick) will provide a progress report on replacement of the phone system and 1:1 computer devices.
17. 1. c. February Board Meeting Date
• Greenbush Middle River School District conducts regular school board meetings on the 3rd monday of each month
• Board Meetings can not be conducted on February 17th (President’s Day)
• During the December regular meeting, the School Board established the February regular board meeting will occur on February 18th
17. 1. d. School News on local Radio stations
KKWQ 92 Radio stationed in Warroad provides radio time for GMR News and Events throughout the school year.   The program is held every Tuesday morning at approximately 8:35 pm.  To-date, the following have represented GMR on the morning Radio program:
Students:  Piper Sondreal, Sarah Stanelle & Grace Brandon
Topic:  Fall Muscial
Teacher:  Mr. Jim Mack
Topic:  Industrial Technology Dept. & Community Service projects

Teacher:  Mrs. Mary Anderson  & Students:  Piper Sondreal, & Zach Evans
Topic:  EXPLORE program thru Greenbush Fire Dept.

Principal Sharon Schultz
Topic:  Various topics

Students:  MeKenna Bennet & Elizabeth Gust
Topic:  Life Care Junior Volunteers Program

Supt. Larry Guggisberg
Topic:  Various topics

Teacher:  Mrs. Mary Anderson
Topic:  First Robotics

17. 1. e. For Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology [First] Robotics Kick Off
• First Robotics team has started to design and build a robot to the meet specifications of competition.
• 2018 First Robotics Theme:  Infinite Recharge
• First Robotics advisor is Mrs. Mary Anderson
• Mrs. Anderson is assisted by: Russ Anderson, Doug Hlucny, Donnie Brekke and many others
• Students in 9th – 12th grade are eligible to participate
• The first competition for the First Robotics team is Feb. 26-29 at the Great Northern Regional in Grand Forks.
17. 1. f. Principal’s Report
Principal Schultz reported One Act Play Competition is January 25, 2020 in Lake of the Woods
18. Adjournment
Motion by:  Carrie Jo Howard        Second by:  Kurt Stenberg to ADJOURN
19. Communications
MN School Boards Association (MSBA) state Conference Jan. 16-17, 2020
• Opening session of 2020 MN Legislature in St. Paul on Feb. 11, 2020
There are a number of issues expected to be front and center during the upcoming legislative session, including:
supplemental budget;
school safety;
changes to the newly enacted teacher licensure system;
unpaid school meal debt, and;
statewide unfunded mandates surrounding curriculum and graduation requirements.
Governor Tim Walz will be addressing the MSBA membership during the closing session on Jan. 17.
• Regular February School Board Meeting – February 18, 7:30 p.m. in GMR School Library
(February 26, 2020)

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