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Minnesota State High School League Spring Sports and Activities Participation Limitations

Minnesota State High School League member schools may continue to provide participation opportunities for spring
sport and activities programs.

Until April 6, 2020:

 Participation in spring sports and activities is limited to practice and tryouts only;

 Scrimmages, competitions, practices, training sessions or participation with other member school programs is
not allowed.

School administration at their discretion, may place more restrictive limitations on practice and participation.
As COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, the MSHSL will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this apply to non-athletic programs?
A: Activity programs can continue to meet and prepare. However, they may not participate in contests or competitions.

Q: How does this limitation impact cooperatively sponsored programs?
A: Cooperatively sponsored programs may continue to practice within these limitations.

Q: Does this impact the length of the season?
A: There is not any change in the length of each spring sport season

Q: Can programs practice or train on Sundays?
A: No. League bylaws do not allow any coach and student contact on Sundays.

Q: May programs participate in out-of-state training trips during the spring sport season?
A: A program may train out-of-state with school and MSHSL permission. However, scrimmages and contests may not
take place. A scrimmage is defined as practicing or training with a program from another high school.

Q: If school closes can practice still be held?
A: The decision to allow practice is a local control decision to be made by school administration.

Q: How are Visual Arts, Music and Speech events impacted?
A: Inter-school participation or competition is not allowed.

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