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Roseau County (Minn) Summary Proceedings

The Board of Commissioners of Roseau County, Minnesota met in the Courthouse in the City of Roseau on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.
The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Board Chair Roger Falk. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Commissioners present were Roger Falk, John Horner, Jack Swanson, and Daryl Wicklund. Commissioner Walker was excused. Others present were Jeff Pelowski, Joleen Kezar, Kristy Kjos, Martie Monsrud, Sue Grafstrom, and Pam Grand.
Coordinator Pelowski requested the addition of Recorder’s Office Operations to Department Reports. Commissioner Horner requested the addition of a Resolution of Support for the Warroad Point Park and Harbor Project to County Board Items. The Board approved the amended Agenda.
Commissioner Swanson mentioned that the Kittson County Engineer has resigned and they may request to hire/contract with Brian Ketring on an as needed basis until they can fill the position. The Board will discuss this item at the next County Board Work Session. Commissioner Swanson informed the Board that the National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference is starting on Sunday in Washington D.C. and President Trump will be speaking at the Conference. Coordinator Pelowski shared Thank You Notes received from the Roseau Food Shelf and the Warroad Rescue Unit, and reviewed a draft of next week’s Operations Committee/Board Work Session Agenda. Commissioner Wicklund stated the NW MN Household Hazardous Waste Joint Powers Board quarterly meeting in Bagley was positive and that it is a well-run program. Auditor Monsrud reminded the Board that the Association of Township Officers Annual Meeting is this evening at the Roseau City Center.
The Board approved the payment of bills totaling: $495,904.76
The Board, by adoption of its Consent Agenda, approved the February 11, 2020, Board Proceedings; and, approved an Application for Exempt Permit for the LOW Chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society.
Auditor 2020 Canvassing Board
Auditor Monsrud met with the Board to request the appointment of two Commissioners to serve on the 2020 County Canvassing Board. Commissioners Horner and Wicklund volunteered to serve on the Board. The Board approved the appointment of Commissioners Horner and Wicklund to the 2020 County Canvassing Board.
Letter of Resignation
County Recorder Pam Grand met with the Board to request acceptance of her official Letter of Resignation. If approved by the Board, her last day in office would be May 22, 2020. The Board thanked Ms. Grand for her years of service to the County and for the advanced notice of her resignation.
Following discussion, the Board accepted the Letter of Resignation.
Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) – Wetland Program Administration
The Roseau County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Roseau County have been renewing this JPA annually since the inception of the Wetland Conservation Act in 1991. Following discussion, the Board approved the JPA as presented.City of Warroad – Regional Park or Trail Designation Application Resolution of Support Commissioner Horner requested the Board approve a Resolution of Support for the City of Warroad Point Park and Harbor Project. The City of Warroad is requesting Regional Park or Trail Designation by the State of Minnesota. Following discussion, the Board approved the following Resolution:
Warroad Point Park and Harbor
BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Warroad, as lead applicant, has the authority to act as legal public sponsor for the application described in the Request for Designation as a Regional Park or Trail in Greater Minnesota. As joint applicant/partner the Roseau County Commissioners formally support and authorize(s) the applicant’s submission on behalf of the partnership.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that as lead applicant and joint applicant/partner we are fully aware of the information provided in the application and associated responsibilities, including long-term commitments as defined in the application and related master plan and supporting information as submitted.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, should the Warroad Point Park and Harbor receive formal designation as a Regional park or trail in Greater Minnesotaby the Commission, that as the lead applicant or joint applicants/partners we have the legal authority to enter into formal designation and funding agreements with the Commission for the referenced park or trail.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that listed applicant and joint applicants/partners certify they will comply with all applicable laws and regulations associated with regional designation and any future grant funding for their respective portions of any project.
Commissioner Committee Reports (February 11 – February 25, 2020)
Commissioner Falk reported on the following committee(s): Highway Committee;
Two Rivers Watershed Board; Hay Creek Landowner Meeting; Joint Counties Natural Resources Board; Safety Committee; Social Services Board; Northwest Community Action; Red River Basin Commission.
Commissioner Horner reported on the following committee(s): Highway Committee; Lake Township; Warroad City Council; Social Services Board.
Commissioner Swanson reported on the following committee(s): Highway Committee; Jadis Township Board; SECB Finance Committee Teleconference; Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Collaboration; Team EPIC; Social Services Board; Building Committee; Association of Minnesota Counties Board of Directors; Roseau County 125th Anniversary Committee.
Commissioner Wicklund reported on the following committee(s): Soil and Water Conservation District; Highway Committee; Two Rivers Watershed Board; Social Services Board; NW MN Household Hazardous Waste JPB Quarterly Meeting; Roseau River Watershed Board.
Upon motion carried, the Board adjourned the Regular meeting at 9:50 a.m. The next Regular meeting of the Board is scheduled for Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 8:30 a.m.
(March 18, 2020)

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