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Unique, Small Town Business Keeps Growing

It’s a unique, small town business that keeps getting bigger. The Nordin Siblings – Arlen, Ronnie, Randy, Galen and Faye (Potrament) founded the company in Lancaster in 2002 to help create jobs for the area.
The company, called PoDCo, is a powder coating and dye sublimation company. Powder painting involves paint, in the form of powder, being sprayed on the surface of a material (metal or aluminum). The material then goes in an oven and the paint turns into a liquid and flows for a uniform coating.
Dye sublimation involves putting an image into the powder coat base. The image goes deeper than other processes that only decorate the surface of the base material.
Arlen Nordin, who serves as president of the company, said the process they use originated in Italy and came to the United States around 2000. That process can provide decorative and durable finishes to many different surfaces, including windows, doors, lawn furniture and agricultural and industrial equipment.
The company started at a location in downtown Lancaster, but moved to their current location on the southeast edge of Lancaster in 2005. They’ve continually added on space with several building projects over the years.They completed their last building project just one and one-half years ago.
“In that building we’re going to put a 6k laser, which is coming next week,” explained Nordin, adding that the optic laser would take up a 30’ X 40’ space. He also noted that engineers would bring the machine and stay with them for a month “to set it up and train us.”
See the full story in the March 26 issue of the North Star News.

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