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City Playgrounds are Closing on April 7th – Reminder to Keep Social Distancing in Parks

On April 7th the City will be closing playgrounds in all city parks until further notice to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Staff would like to remind all park users playground equipment is not being regularly sanitized at this time.

All park users are being asked to stay off all playground equipment , slides, swing sets, etc within each city park. Also reminder the greenway trails are closed until further notice due to the spring flooding.

City parks and open spaces will remain open for outdoor activity to be used within the guidelines for safe social distancing and hygiene laid out by the Minnesota Department of Health. Recreation users are reminded they should avoid group activities, group play such as games on athletic fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts, and adhere to social distancing and appropriate hygiene practices. Before playgrounds are reopened, the situation will be evaluated.

During the COVID-19 situation we ask all users to follow and consider these rules:

– If exhibiting symptoms or not feeling well, please do not use public parks and open spaces.

– Keep sanitary personal hygiene, washing your hands regularly for at least 20 second using soap and hot water.

– Cover your cough and sneezes.

– Practice social distancing. Keep 6 feet between yourself and others at all times.

– Be courteous of others personal space. If needed, step aside to let others pass on sidewalks and trails.

– Limit the size of groups, including outdoor picnics, pick-up sports and other group hangouts.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Health’s website at for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.

Updates from the City of East Grand Forks will be posted at or sign up for email or text updates at

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