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Greenbush Middle River (Minn) School Board Proceedings March 16, 2020

Greenbush Middle River School
Independent School District 2683
Regular Meeting
March 16, 2020
7:30 PM (Greenbush Middle River School Cafeteria)
1.     Call to Order at 7:30 P.M.
2.     Roll Call
2. 1.     Administration: Supt. Larry Guggisberg, Principal Sharon Schultz, Amie Westberg
2. 1. a.     Roll Call: Shane Kilen, Joseph Melby, Kurt Stenberg, Brandon Kuznia, Laurie Stromsodt and Allison Harder.  Carrie Jo Howard, absentOTHER ATTENDEES:  Cooky Kujava, Jina Lund, Mara Gust, Teagan Landsrud, Madison Olson, Sierra Landsrud, Jodi Wahl, Ryan Bergeron, Alicen Blawat, Brittany Burkel, Brian Burkel, Kaitlynn Wilson, Shelah Gust, Jalyssa Gust, Kayle Vacura, Lisa Vacura
3. Listening Session
3. 1. Sixth Grade Class Trip
Representatives from the 6th Grade presented to the Board information about their class trip to the Twin Cities area scheduled to take place in early May 2020.
A number of the venues on the 6th Grade Class trip are CLOSED due to the Coronavirus.  With the spread of the Coronavirus including in the area the 6th grade plan to take their field trip, it would be wise to have a discussion on the potential health risks involved with this field trip.  See Agenda Item 11.1.a4.
Recommendation to add items to the agenda from Board members or School Administrators
5. Approval of Agenda
5. 1.     A motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Laurie Stromsodt to approve the agenda of the March 16, 2020 Regular Board Meeting as amended.
6.     Minutes
6. 1.     A motion was made by Kurt Stenberg, seconded by Allison Harderto approve the minutes of the preceding regular meeting of February 18, 2020.
7.     Business Services
7. 1.     A motion was made by Allison Harder, seconded by Brandon Kuzniato approve the payment of bills check #37090 through #37171 for a total of $124,577.49  and Purchasing Card electronic payments dated February 5, 2020 and Electronic Funds Transfers as submitted.
7. 2.     Treasurer’s Report
7. 3.     Greenbush Middle River School District Budget to Actual Expenditure Report (as previously requested by board member to provide on monthly basis).
• As requested by board member, document will be provided on monthly basis.
Budget consists of 6 fund balances:
o  01 General Fund
o  02 Food Service
o  04 Community Services
o  07 Debt Redemption
o  08 Scholarships
o  09 Student Activities
• *see attached
8.     Significant School Events and Communication:
8. 1.     Board acceptance of donations to the School
A motion was made by Laurie Stromsodt, seconded by Kurt Stenberg to accept the following donation(s):
Arlys Graff Trust Fund to First Robotics  ….. $30,950.66
Northern Nature Seed Company to First Robotics  ….. $500
Matracks, Inc. to First Robotics  ….. $1,500
American Legion Post #88 to FCCLA  ….. $1,500
Border State Bank to GMR School for Scoreboard ….$10,000
American Legion Post #88 to Claybusters  ….. $500
9.     Old Business
9. 1.     District Support of Summer Recreation programming
This agenda item was also on the Board Agenda in April 2019.  The approved Board minutes from this agenda item are:
“8. 1. k. District Support of Summer Recreation Baseball/Softball
Request has been received from Middle River Summer Rec to continue program in Middle River. Following much Board discussion regarding what is contributed in each community,
A motion was made by Shane Kilen, seconded by Joe Melby, and UC that, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of District 2683 provide funds in the amount of $2,000.00 to each community to offset expenses for Summer Rec as well as extend the use of District School Buses as has been done in previous years.”
Motion by Joe Melby and seconded by Laurie Stromsodt to provide funds in the amount of $2,000.00 to each community to offset expenses for Summer Rec as well as extend the use of District School Buses as has been done in previous years.
9. 2.     Adoption of 2020-2021 School Calendar
The attached 2020-2021 School Calendar was presented to the Board during their regular meeting in February 2020.
Because of the calandar cycle, Sept. 8th is the latest school can begin.  Due to the Labor Day law adopted by the MN Legislature School, school will begin on September 8th.   GMR will continue to schedule up to three “make-up days” per school year to deal with unexpected weather cancellations.Possible changes to the proposed calendar should be considered and discussed prior to Board adoption.  With that being said, the 2020-2021 school calendar may be amended by the Board to reflect events which may include weather related or other emergency school closing make – up day(s).
Motion by Kurt Stenberg and seconded by Allison Harder to approve the 2020-2021 school calendar as presented.
9. 3.     Amend estimated 2019-2020 School Budget
The 2019-2020 estimated school budget was approved by the Board during a regular meeting on June 17, 2019.  The estimated budget was based on student enrollment of 271 students.
The number of students who started school in GMR was 271, as of March 11, 2020 student enrollment was 256.
PowerPoint:  FY 20 Budget presentation
Motion by Brandon Kuznia seconded by Joe Melby to amend the 2019-2020 estimated school budget as presented.
9. 3. a.     Resolution directing the Administration to make recommendation for reduction in programs and position and reasons therefor
Projecting how well a school district will fare financially two or more years from now is a daunting task not only because it is based on what is known in the present, but also on assumptions for the future.
PowerPoint presentation providing the status of the Financial Condition of the GMR School District
I.    Facts about the past financial status of the GMR School District
II.   Facts about the current financial status of the GMR School District
III.   Facts about the projected financial status of the GMR School District which leads to a recommendation to reduce expenditures in 2020-2021
Suggested resolution:  Member Laurie Stromsodt introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption:
WHEREAS, there has been a reduction in student enrollment, and,
WHEREAS, this decrease in student enrollment must include discontinuance of positions and discontinuance or curtailment of programs, and
WHEREAS, a determination must be made as to which teachers’ contracts must be terminated and not renewed and which teachers may be placed on unrequested leave of absence without pay or fringe benefits in effecting discontinuance of positions,
BE IT RESOLVED, by the School Board of Independent School District No. 2683, as follows:
That the School Board hereby directs the Superintendent of Schools and administration to consider the discontinuance of programs or positions as a result of a reduction in enrollment, make recommendations to the school board for the discontinuance of programs, curtailment of programs, discontinuance of positions or curtailment of positions.
The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Member Kurt Stenberg and upon vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof:  Stromsodt, Melby, Kuznia, Harder, Stenberg, Kile and the following voted against the same:
whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.
10.     New Business:
10. 1.     Selection of Board representatives to employee groups whose Agreement expires June 30, 2020
Appoint Board members as representatives to address those Employee Agreements which expire June 30, 2020
10. 2.     Greenbush Middle River Graduation Rate in 2019
Even though the graduation rate for GMR School was down in 2019 from the year before, it still surpassed the overall state graduation rate, according to information released March 5 by the Minnesota Department of Education.
Demographic     Year       GMR Graduated count   GMR Graduated %    STATE Graduated %
All students        2015                 40                           93.0%                                82.1%
All students        2016                 36                           94.7%                                82.5%
All students        2017                 27                           90.0%                                82.7%
All students        2018                 30                           96.8%                                83.2%
All students        2019                 32                           86.5%                                83.7%
For 2019, GMR posted a four-year-graduation rate of 86.5%, nearly three points above the state’s graduation rate of 83.7%.
School and student performance characteristics on MY REPORT CARD on the MN Dept. of Education website.
10. 3.     Resignation of Special Education Teacher
Ms. Kaitlynn Wilson, Special Education Teacher submitted a letter of resignation effective at the end of the current school year.  Ms. Wilson has accepted a Regular Education Teaching position in a neighboring school district for the 2020-2021 school year.
Motion made by Kurt Stenberg and seconded by Brandon Kuznia to approve the resignation of licensed teacher Ms. Kaitlynn Wilson as per submitted letter.
10. 4.     Resolution for the termination and non-renewal of a Probationary Teacher.
With local School Board approval, a licensed teacher acquires tenure in a Minnesota school district after three consecutive years of service in a Minnesota school district or after one year of service in a Minnesota district – if the teacher had already acquired tenure in another Minnesota school district.  The school board may terminate a non-tenure teacher at the end of any school year if the teacher had not already acquired tenure in the school district.  The school administration recommends the
termination and non-renewal of the teaching contract of Mr. Andrew D. McCormick.
Member Shane Kilen introduced the following resolution and moved
its adoption:
WHEREAS, Andrew D. McCormick is a probationary teacher in Independent School District No. 2683.
BE IT RESOLVED, by the School Board of Independent School District No. 2683, that pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 122A.40, Subdivision 5, that the teaching contract of Andrew D. McCormick, a probationary teacher in Independent School District No. 2683, is hereby terminated at the close of the current 2019–2020 school year;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that written notice be sent to said teacher regarding termination and non-renewal of his contract as provided by law, and that said notice shall be in substantially the following form:
Mr. Andrew D. McCormick
100 Red Willow Rd.
Apt. 112
Greenbush, MN  56726

Dear Mr. McCormick:
You are hereby notified that at a regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 2683 held on March 16, 2020, a resolution was adopted by a majority roll call vote to terminate your contract effective at the end of the current school year and not to renew your contract for the 20-2020-2021 school year.  Said action of the Board is taken pursuant to M.S. 122A.40, Subd. 5.
You may officially request that the School Board give its reasons for the non-renewal of your teaching contract.   However, the Superintendent should receive such request within ten days after receipt of this notice.
For your information, however, this action is taken because of your probationary teacher status.
/s/Allison Harder
Acting Clerk of the School Board
The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by member Brandon Kuznia and upon vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof:   Stromsodt, Melby, Kuznia, Harder, Stenberg, Kilen and the following voted against: whereupon said resolution was declared duly Passed and Adopted / Failed.
10. 5.     Superintendent Emplolyment Agreement for 2020-2021.
The current Greenbush Middle River School District Superintendent of School employment Agreement calls indicates the position is a part-time interium position.  Board discussion towards renewal of said Agreement for 2020-2021.
Motion by board member Laurie Stromsodt and seconded by Allison Harder to approve negotiations to renew the Superintendent Agreement with the current Superintendent of Schools for 2020-2021.
11.     Reports:
11. 1.     Superintendent
11. 1. a. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and its evolving impact on schools

Coronavirus Timeline
The Coronavirus, which surfaced in a Chinese seafood and poultry market in Dec. 2019, has spread to more than 70 countries, killing more than 3,000 and sickening tens of thousands of people in a matter of weeks.
Jan. 20 was the first confirmed case in the United States in Washington State, Jan. 31 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Global Health Emergency.
March 11 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Coronavirus as a Pandemic (The WHO defines a Pandemic as a disease that has become widespread around the world, with impact on society.  The term has applied to only a few diseases in history –  a deadly flu in 1918, H1N1 in 2009 and HIV / AIDS amoung them.
March 13 President Donald Trump declares national emergency to combat Coronavirus.
March 13 MN Governor declares a “peace time emergency”
March 15 MN Governor Tim Walz issues Executive Order 20-02 which included CLOSURE of MN Public Schools from March 18 – March 27, 2020.
Coronavirus and it’s Impact on Schools
MN Dept. of Heath (MDH)  website:
The Center for Disease Control (CDC)
The above-mentioned organizations provide guidance for schools.  Organizations (like schools) respond to their guidance – see participation in MN State High School League Activities attachment.
It is our intention to monitor the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health agencies for the latest developments related to COVID-19 and follow the guidance of government and public health officials.  We are reinforcing these agencies’ recommendations on the appropriate health and safety measures with our own students & staff.
Cancellations (to-date) due to the Coronavirus include but are not limited to:
All (Winter) MN State High School League Tournaments State FCCLA Competition March 25-28. First Robotics State Competition at the University of MN on March 25-29.
Up-coming (to-date) considerations for review due to the Coronavirus include but are not limited to
March 16 Parent Teacher Conferences:  On Schedule (small crowd event)
March 17 Elementary Concert – a LARGE CROWD event – NO AUDIENCE invited.  Record it and post it via FACEBOOK LIVE and post on YouTube
March 30 Winter Sports Banquet.
April 25 Prom.
May 2020 6th Grade Field Trip.
May 13  Senior Class Trip to Winnipeg.
Summer 2020 High School Trip to EuropeUpon a motion by Shane Kilen, seconded by Joe Melby and UC, the Board approves the 6th grade trip contingent on the Minnesota Department of Education’s approval of activities.  If cancelled, the trip could be taken as 7th graders.
11. 1. a. a. MN State High School League Activity Directives as a result of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) see attached MNSHSL Communication.
11. 1. b.  Greenbush Middle River School District Enrollment.
See attached for Greenbush Middle River School District enrollment as of Feb. 12, 2020.
11. 1. c. Buildings & Grounds:  Transition to Spring Sports and Summer Gym Closure.
The transition from Winter Sports to Spring Sports is underway.  eg:  Area Farmers blew the snow off of the ballfields on March 9, Batting cages installed in the gym.
The Gym will be closed from July 13 thru July 31.  FLR will be here to do paint repairs on the Gym floor starting July 13.  They will be here one week.  Once that is completed, our Maintenance staff will do other Gym maintenance including floor refinishing.
11. 1. d.  Bus Driver Appreciation WeekThe week of Feb. 24-28 was Bus Driver Appreciation Week.  Staff members provided bus drivers with a buffet breakfast on Feb, 25, 2020.
11. 1. e.  Report of the events and activities of the current Legislative session and potential effects on Public Education.
The opening session of 2020 MN Legislature in St. Paul began on Feb. 11, 2020.   In the past few weeks the Capitol was buzzing with activity.   So far (and prior to the COVID-19 Outbreak), 1,165 bills have been introduced in the Senate and 1,304 in the House. Looking at the biennium as a whole, 4,090 bills have been introduced in the Senate and 4,225 in the House to date.
Most of these Bills will not “go anywhere”, however the intend is to Legislators desire with the 2020 election is to “look good” coming out of the 2020 legislative session by either having a Bill passed or “attempt” to have a Bill passed.
The committee hearing schedule continues to ramp up as the legislators, lobbyists and advocates scramble to get their bills heard in committees before the first deadline.
As a reminder, committee deadlines are (as of March 11)
Friday, March 20 — Committees must act favorably on bills in the house of origin.
Friday, March 27 — Committees must act favorably on bills, or companions of bills, that met the first deadline in the other body.
Friday, April 3 — Committees must act favorably on major appropriation and finance bills.
The revised February forecast for the State of MN was a $1.5 billion surplus (up from $1.3 billion reported earlier) With that surplus, some legislators want to prioritize tax relief for Minnesotans.  Others desire to pass legislation to spend the surplus in a variety of areas.
However, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking center stage.  Various committees have has been receiving updates and holding informational overviews on COVID-19.  Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Commissioner Jan Malcolm has been sharing information about Minnesota’s public health response to COVID-19, as well as presenting MDH’s request for funds they believe are necessary to initially combat the virus.  MDH believes they will need $25 million in funding for the purposes of proper staffing, laboratory costs, assistance to local public health partners, coordination activities with health care coalitions, and personal protective equipment in order to initially address the virus and bills containing the necessary funds for Minnesota’s public response moved quickly in both House and Senate to get the signature of the Governor.
Related to COVID-19, In the Senate, the E12 Finance and Policy Committee heard legislation to expand the allowable number of days a district can use for E-learning. The bill proposed to expand the number of e-learning days from five to ten. In addition, and amendment was added to allow for ten additional days in the event of a public health emergency that causes the governor to authorize the commissioner of education to alter school schedules, curtail school schedules, or order schools closed.
On March 12, Governor Tim Walz announced because of the Coronavirius outbreak he was scaling back a supplemental budget and saving the majority of the $1.5 billion dollar surplus to save it for implications related the Coronavirus.
Taking COVID-19 out of the picture, Bonding for improvements to infrasture (eg:  roads and bridges) is a major priority for the legislature.
There are a number of issues expected to be front and center during the upcoming legislative session, including: supplemental budget [how to spend the $1.5 billion surplus];
school safety; changes to the newly enacted teacher licensure system;
unpaid school meal debt;
Pre-school progrmming; and; statewide unfunded mandates surrounding curriculum and graduation requirements.
Feb. 27:  NW MN Supt. Association Day-at-the-Capitol
March 23:  MSBA’s annual Day-at-the-Capitol event
11. 1. f.  Principal’s Report
11. 1. f. a.  Knowledge Bowl Competition.
The GMR Knowledge Bowl Team participated in Regional competition on March 11.  Mrs. Mara Gust is the Advisor.
11. 1. f. b.  State Participation in Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).
The State FCCLA Competition as been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
If there would have been a State Competition, advancing to the FCCLA State Conpetition March 25-28 in Bloomington are:
Morgan Reed in National Event “Say Yes to FCS Education” (Gold – Score 100/100) Berlyn Burkel in National Event “Food Innovations” (Gold Score – 100/100)
Audrey Gust in State Event “Show Me” (Gold Score – 99.67/100)
Honna Westlund in “Illustrated Talk” (Gold Score 98/100
Katelyn Waage in “Illustrated Talk” (Gold Score 98/100)
McKenna Bennett in National Event “Repurpose and Redesign” (Gold Score 97/100)
Chance Christian in National Event “Teach and Train” (Gold Score 96/100)
Cole Blazek in “Illustrated Talk” (Gold Score 96/100)
Bella Burkel in National Event Interior Design (Gold Score 95.5/100)
Elizabeth Gust in “Illustrated Talk” (Silver Score 87.7/100)
Cassie Dahl in “Illustrated Talk”  (Silver Score 87.7)
Clara Bergsnev in “Illustrated Talk” (Siver Score 84/100)
Brooklyn Wahl in National Event “Focus on Children” (Silver Score 77/100)
Rhiana Utter in “Illustrated Talk” (Silver Score 74/100)Kylie Golovkine in “Illustrated Talk” (Bronze Score 67/100)
*Elizabeth Gust is also competing in the National Event “Chapter Website Design” which is submitted directly to the National FCCLA Headquarters on February 1.
11. 1. f. c.  For Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology [First] Robotics Competition.
The First Robotics Team placed 2nd in the Great Northern Regional held in Grand Forks Feb. 26-29.
The State First Robotics Competition scheduled for March 25-29 on the U of M – Minneapolis Campus has been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Background:  In early January, the GMR First Robotics team started to design and build a robot to the meet specifications of competition.  The 2020 First Robotics Theme:  Infinite Recharge.   First Robotics advisor is Mrs. Mary Anderson.  Mrs. Anderson is assisted by: Russ Anderson, Doug Hlucny, Donnie Brekke, Aaron Kvien, Brian Utter, Barney Tarala, Rley Sovde, Brady Kilen, Ryan Bergeron, Vern & John Langaas and many others.  Students in 9th – 12th grade are eligible to participate.  The first competition for the First Robotics team is Feb. 26-29 at the Great Northern Regional in Grand Forks.
In INFINITE RECHARGE, two alliances work to protect FIRST City from approaching asteroids caused by a distant space skirmish.  Each Alliance, along with their trusty droids, race to collect and score Power Cells in order to energize their Shield Generator for maximum protection. To activate stages of the Shield Generator, droids manipulate their Control Panels after scoring a specific number of Power Cells.  Near the end of the match, droids race to their Rendezvous Point to get their Shield Generator operational in order to protect the city!
11. 1. f. d.  State participation in Math League.
Ryan Hlucny qualified to participate in the State Math League Competition that took place on March 9 at South St. Paul High School.  This was the third consecutive time Ryan qualified for the State competition.  Ryan finished 129 out of 338 students.  Math League is a MN State High Mathematics League activity.  Mrs. Tara Kern is the Math League Adviser.
11. 1. f. e.  State Participation on Team Wrestling Tournament.
The BGMR Gators will be participated in the State Team Wrestling Tournament on February 27.
In addition, five individual wrestlers participated in the State Wrestling Tournament Feb. 28-29.
Individuals participating were:
Garrett Undeberg
Andy Dostal
Ethan Waage
Jacob Bergsnev
Dominik Vacura
Dominik was a State Champion in the 220 lbs. weight class.  This was the second consecutive year Dominik was State Champion.
11. 1. f. f.  Recognition of Section 8 Academic Wrestling.
Senior Andy Dostal was named as Section 8 Academic Wrestler
12.  Adjournment.
Motion by:  Kurt Stenberg
Second by:  Allison Harder to ADJOURN
13. CommunicationsRegular April School Board Meeting – April 20, 2020 @ 7:30 p.m. in GMR School Library.
(April 29, 2020)

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