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“We’re all in this together”

The coronavirus has caused several Greenbush businesses to change their daily work routine but by adhering to guidelines and making adjustments, they continue to “carry on”. Pictured are Sonia Lee (center), owner of Rockin’ 50’s Café, Nancy Goslein, to Sonia’s left, and Abby Stauffer, to her right. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

Sonia Lee, owner of the Rockin’ 50’s Café in Greenbush, remembers well when she first became aware of the business guidelines that were introduced following the outbreak of COVID-19.

“It was Tuesday night, March 18, at midnight,” Sonia said. “No sitting in-house and eating anymore. At first they said no more than ten people; then they had to be six feet apart, and then no eating inside at all.”

It was an “all new ball game” for Lee who has owned and operated her café in Greenbush for fifteen years.

At first she said she thought maybe no one would come in to get take-out meals.

“We knew we would have senior meals – that we’d be able to deliver them … some (people) have been nice to come and pick theirs up.”
Sonia commented that people are being very good to patronize (her business).

“Two weeks ago Central Boiler ordered food for about 60 of their office workers. Last Tuesday, they ordered 100 meals for plant workers. They will continue to order meals on Tuesdays for another three weeks.”

Central Boiler is also patronizing the Paradise Café in Strathcona in the same manner on Thursdays.

Sonia added, “When Central Boiler orders meals for one week, that pays for one grocery truck of food. That really helps a lot.”
She also expressed appreciation to her regular take-out customers: Waage Farms, CHS employees, Kuznia Farms, Eeg Farms, bank employees, pharmacy personnel, and several others who are too many to mention.

“We appreciate everyone who comes in!” she remarked.

Restaurant hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Breakfast take-outs are available throughout business hours. Everything can also be ordered from the regular menu with the exception of deep-fried food, plus each day’s dinner menu offers a choice of one of three meals. Choices vary from potato dumplings to pork, beef, and chicken dinners; hot dishes, meat balls, meat loaf, potato and macaroni salads, tossed salads, American fries, hash browns, soup specials, and more.

Having been a regular restaurant employee for some time, Nancy Goslein has volunteered her time to help Sonia on a daily basis. Abby Stauffer is also on call to help when needed.

If she’s not busy in the kitchen, Sonia is most likely “in the back” baking to her delight. Open to taking orders, she makes everything from cakes, cookies, bars, caramel rolls, muffins, and buns, to donuts, cinnamon bread, and pies.

“If us small town people don’t stick together, what would we have? …… nothing!” Sonia emphasized. “We’re all in this together.”

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