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Local couple surprised with 60th wedding anniversary wishes

Shelah and Ron Jacobson are pictured on the front porch of their home on Wednesday afternoon, May 20. (photo by Mavis Gonshorowski)

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jacobson on their wedding day, May 14, 1960.

For Ronald (Ron) and Shelah Jacobson of rural Greenbush, Saturday, May 16, started out as a typical morning. Little did they know a surprise was in store.

“In the afternoon, around 3:00, we had been invited to come over to the home of our son, Murray, and daughter-in-law, Jessica,” Shelah said. “When we were walking over to their place, I could see through the trees some cars were lined up along the township road … we couldn’t figure out what was going on. They came right over to where we were sitting and then we knew what was going on!”

Family members, friends and relatives had gathered in honor of the Jacobson’s 60th wedding anniversary.

As the line of vehicles passed by the couple, people were tooting horns, they called out (anniversary) greetings and dropped off gifts and cards.

Shelah added, “We were sitting in special chairs and our kids had put balloons, (hand-made) posters, and flowers by us. They also passed out all kinds of food to those who came. We sure enjoyed it!”

The son of the late Myron and Amanda Jacobson, Ron has three sisters and grew up on a cattle and grain farm west of Greenbush.

Shelah is the daughter of the late Howard and Lorraine Huartson. The family first made their home west of Roseau where they had dairy cows and Howard sold bottled milk to customers in Roseau. When Shelah was five years old, the Huartson family moved north of Greenbush in the Haug-Leo area where they continued with dairy cows and grain farming. Shelah has one sister and three brothers.

Ron attended and graduated from Greenbush High School. Shelah attended first thru eighth grade at the Haug-Leo rural school and completed grades ten thru twelve in Greenbush.

“That’s why she thinks she’s smarter than I am,” Ron quipped with a grin.

“When I saw this tall, handsome, drink of water, I figured he was the man …” remarked Shelah. “I was kinda bashful so I stayed away and let him come and talk to me.”

Ron added, “A bunch of us who were in the junior class play hung around together and that kind of starting the ball rolling.”
The two classmates graduated from Greenbush High school in 1959.

Ron said that after graduation he had to decide whether to go to college or go into farming. “Ed Sisler, my Vo-Ag teacher, told me, ‘If you’re going into farming you’ve got your best teacher right here – pointing to my dad.’”

“And we were getting married, so that took care of going to college,” Shelah added.

Wedding bells were ringing on May 14, 1960, when the couple was united in marriage at 8:00 p.m. at the Bethel Lutheran church in Greenbush by Rev. John Helgeson.

“Whether it rained or not, we were getting married,” Ron said assertively.

To see the full story, read the May 27 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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