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Tri-County (Karlstad, Minn.) School Proceedings

Regular Board of Education Meeting
Tri-County School District 2358
April 15, 2020, 6:30 PM via Zoom
Tri-County School Library, Karlstad, MN

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Burkel at 6:30 PM and a quorum was determined. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Members Burkel, Caldwell, Duray, Hanson, Koland, Murray and Sollund were present, plus Superintendent Baron and Dean of Students Hanson.
We are Proud…
• of the entire staff of Tri-County Schools that has collaborated and worked hard to
prepare for Distance Learning during this pandemic. Everyone has stepped up to fill in where needed and jobs are getting done.
• of our cooks, bus drivers, office staff and transportation director that worked together to ensure that qualities meals are prepared and delivered every day. We have started with two hot meals a week as of now.
• of the paraprofessionals who have taken on the role of childcare for Tier I workers. These individuals have put themselves near the frontline to ensure essential workers can continue to provide services that are in great need.
• of Tri-County’s hometown supporter, Wiktel, who has agreed to provide 15 Chromebooks and internet to any families who need it during this pandemic so students could participate in Distance Learning.
• to hear students are practicing their math on our online math site and continuing to take pride in their reading success by taking AR tests at home! We are super proud of our PARENTS! They are all being rock stars and helping their students continue to be successful!
Member Caldwell moved and member Hanson seconded to approve the agenda as amended. UC
Member Sollund moved and member Duray seconded to approve the minutes of the March 18, 2020 Regular Board Meeting. UC
Member Hanson moved and member Duray seconded to authorize payment for claims in the following funds. UC

Last Year         This Year
GENERAL            $60,821.32         $84,931.20
FOOD SERVICE             9,949.95             6,876.91
COMMUNITY SERVICE              66.92             4,827.98
TOTAL               70,838.19        $96,636.09
Visitors present included Haylie Anderson, Sara Carpenter, Jaron Englund, Jennifer Johnston, North Star News, Jessica Peterson, Justina Pietruszewski, Erica Reese, Gary Taylor.
Member Sollund moved and member Koland seconded to approve a First Reading of the 100 Series Policies. UC
Member Hanson moved and member Caldwell seconded to approve Tri-County Schools’ membership in the Minnesota State High School League for the 2020-21 School Year. UC
Member Hanson moved and member Koland seconded to accept the lowest bid from Scholastic Equipment Co. for $35,000 + $2,000 in add on, for the upcoming Locker Replacement project. Details are on file in the superintendent’s office. UC
Member Duray moved and member Caldwell seconded to adopt the amended 2019-20 (FY 2020) final budget as presented by Superintendent Baron. UC

General Fund     3,244,552
Food Service        127,325
Community Service         65,678
Bonds            214,609
Total                        $3,652,164

General Fund    3,121,750
Food Service        137,744
Community Service          73,251
Bonds            215,575
Total        $3,548,320

General Fund    3,294,127
Food Service        128,325
Community Service          62,397
Bonds            215,109
Total                        $3,699,958

General Fund     3,169,389
Food Service        138,444
Community Service          75,271
Bonds            215,575
Total                       $3,604,679

Member Koland moved and member Sollund seconded to adopt the following motion:
1. Due to current federal and state emergency declarations and guidance about limiting person-to person contact due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, by action of the school board of Tri-County Public Schools ISD 2358, all future meetings of the
Tri-County Board of Education will be conducted in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 13D.021–Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means-until further
2. One or more board members may participate by telephone or other electric means. [ONLY IF at least one board member, the superintendent, and/or the school district’s legal counsel will be at the regular meeting location].
3. In accordance with Minnesota Statutes 13D.021, members of the public are not
permitted to attend this meeting due to the current health pandemic. Persons may monitor this meeting from a remote location by viewing the Zoom conference. A meeting link and passcode may be obtained by contacting Superintendent Baron at
4. Public comment for school board meetings may be submitted as follows: Private message Superintendent Baron via Zoom messaging platform or if placed on agenda, members of the public may speak in the video conference.
Dean of Students Hanson reported on Distance Learning.
Superintendent Baron’s report included Enrollment, MASH, Light project, Parking lot, Locker project, Graduation.
NWRIC: Met April 6, approved hiring.
REGION I: Held meeting by teleconference. Discussed Business Conference attendance, split employees 50% work from home, 50% in office. Effective April 13, all employees working from home.
Freeze Co-op Committee will meet via ZOOM, April 20th, hosted by Newfolden.
Next regular board meeting scheduled for May 20, Tri County School, Karlstad, MN, 6:30 PM.
Member Caldwell moved and member Burkel seconded to adjourn.  UC
Respectfully submitted by Mark Koland, Clerk___________________________________________________ .

(June 4, 2020)

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