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Protest for change! draws an estimated 500 people


The Protest for change! protest was billed as a peaceful protest and for all intents and purposes was just that. Estimates of upwards of 500 demonstrators marched from the Central parking Ramp to the obelisk near the Sorlie Bridge where some speeches were made and then back to the parking ramp where more speeches were given. The only disturbances came from a handful of counter demonstrators who attempted to antagonize the protestors and were quickly shut down. A handful of protestors also harassed iNewZ TV’s Neil Carlson and were quickly escorted away by who appeared to be an event organizer.

Shannelle Thompson, Grand Forks, identified herself on Facebook as the organizer and promoted the event as a peaceful protest. She also stated “We want our message to be heard and not disrupted by violence or hate. We are coming together as a community, Officers included, as one. We as well as many other communities across the US and beyond are there to protest against national systemic injustices! We are there in hopes of change in our nation.”

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