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What will school look like in the fall?

What will school look like in the fall? No one really knows, though the question was a major matter of discussion at the Tri-County School Board meeting, held via Zoom, on Wednesday, June 17.

Superintendent/principal Ryan Baron said they must plan for three possibilities: distance learning, a hybrid plan or a social distancing plan at the school. He noted that they could be alternating between the three plans throughout the school year.

The school expected to receive further instructions from the state the next day (June 18) and more instructions on which of the three plans to focus during the week of July 27.

Board member Denise Sollund commented that parents need to know what they’ll be facing well before the school year starts.

Board member Raeya Hanson noted that policies in many areas, including temperature taking and absences of students and staff, must be determined.

Board member Mark Koland asked if the possibility exists that districts would be allowed to do as they wished.

“I hope they give us local control,” Baron responded, noting that many school districts are hoping for such control.

The school will set up two committees that will make plans for each of the three schooling possibilities. Board members Raeya Hanson and Jenna Caldwell agreed to serve on the committee that will include parents and teachers. Another committee will consist of school staff representing areas, such as transportation, food service and maintenance.

Raeya Hanson suggested putting together a survey for parents so they can voice their opinions on various aspects of distance education. She noted that each family is different, each having distinct preferences.

Baron responded that it will be quite a “task” to set up a distance learning plan that will be “embraced by everyone.”

Read the full article in the June 25 issue of the North Star News.

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