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Meals on Wheels is valuable service in area: Volunteer deliverers needed in Karlstad

These Lutheran Social Services (LSS) employees at the LSS site in Karlstad find enjoyment in delivering meals. They, however, wouldn’t mind some volunteer help – for just one day a week or Monday through Friday. Pictured are Margaret Donaldson (Karlstad site manager & cook), Richard Wood (cook’s helper), Idell Klegstad (dining manager in Lake Bronson & kitchen assistant in Karlstad).

Gordon and Kathy Bernstrom are ready to deliver a meal in Lancaster. They have faithfully delivered Meals on Wheels for many years. Kathy began to volunteer when she lived in the Cities over thirty years ago. Gordon began delivering when he retired in 2000.

“You get to meet all the people and see them every day.” Richard Wood
“You get to visit with different ones.” Idell Klegstad
“I like to check on them and make sure they’re okay.” Margaret Donaldson
The staff at the Lutheran Social Services (LSS) meal site in Karlstad obviously find satisfaction in delivering meals, though they could use some volunteer help.
LSS staff say that the turkey dinner is the very favorite meal of recipients, though meatball, taco salad and meatloaf dinners are also top picks.
Foxy Roxy’s Diner prepares Meals on Wheels for folks in the Lancaster area. According to Roxy Kulyk, restaurant owner, several groups in Lancaster deliver the meals. A schedule is made for the whole month and one person (or couple) a week makes the deliveries.
Kulyk recruited a couple of long time meal deliverers, Gordon and Kathy Bernstrom, to share about their experience of volunteering for this worthwhile cause.

Read the full article in the July 16 issue of the North Star News in print or online.

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