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Sather to not run for reelection

Brenda Sather (left) would get sworn in by City Clerk Anita Locken as the new Greenbush Mayor back on January 4, 2017. After serving a pair of two-year mayor terms, Sather decided to not run for reelection this November. (photo by Ryan Bergeron)

Brenda Sather has served on the Greenbush City Council for 10 years, 6 as a council member and 4 as the mayor— about to complete her second two-year term as mayor this year. At the city’s July 20 meeting via Zoom, she made the announcement that will not run for reelection this November, deciding to step away from serving on the council after the end of this year. Her final meeting will be in December 2020.

“Greenbush is my hometown and I have lived here all my life,” Sather said. “And so, to be able to give back has been important.”

Sather grew up in Greenbush, having lived here for over 50 years. She graduated from Greenbush High School in 1985. After college, she returned home and later, along with her husband Al, raised their six children here. Both her parents, Norman and Sharon Miller, were involved in the community, including Norman serving on the council at one point.

“I don’t know that a lot of people know that my dad served on city council many years ago,” Sather said. “So I remember sitting at the dinner table and him coming home and talking about what was happening in the community, so I followed in his footsteps.”

She has served as a volunteer in public service for 30 years in Greenbush— 10 of those with the Greenbush City Council. She pointed to some of the achievements made during her council time.

“During my time on council, we shared positive momentum,” Sather said, “including building a new pool, replacing outdated infrastructure, building financial reserves, updating policy and procedures, and securing grants for major projects.”

She also mentioned how, when she got onto the council, one of her main focuses was on strategic planning.

“We put in a strategic plan to help build, to update the infrastructure,” Sather said. “That’s all been important for me.”

These past few months dealing with COVID-19 have proven difficult.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t say that this factored into my decision (to not run for reelection). It certainly wasn’t the only reason, but it did tip the scales,” Sather said. “We currently live in a society where it seems it becomes harder to represent constituents fairly, as opinions are becoming more polarizing and it is easier to criticize decisions and people, rather than to become part of the solution.”

She ended her statement at the council meeting by thanking the council members, city staff, and the community for supporting her in the past.

“I think it’s just time, time for me to step down,” Sather said. “I’ll still be a part of the community. You’re still going to see me at events and participating; it’s just going to be in a little bit different manner.”

Filing dates for the upcoming November election are open from July 28 through August 11. Current council members include: Dennis Filer, Eric Etherington, Christine Foss, and Shaun Walsh. According to the city website, Filer and Etherington will be up for reelection this November election.

To see the complete city story, read the July 29 issue of The Tribune in print or online.

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