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Greenbush Area Friends of the Library continues to give: Recognizes and says goodbye to one of its members

Current Chairperson, Marita Becker, (left) of the “Greenbush Friends of the Library” is pictured with former Chairperson Dianne Churchill, who served as chairperson since 2004.

The Greenbush Area Friends of the Library donated $900 to each GMR Elementary class, to be deposited into each classroom’s Scholastic book account, allowing all GMR elementary students to order free books during the upcoming school year. Pictured are (L-R): Back: Pam Schenkey (first grade), Principal Sharon Schultz, GAFL member Deb Korczak, Brad Dahl (sixth grade), and Todd Bergeron (third grade); Front: Robin Waage (fifth grade), GAFL member and second grade substitute teacher Judy Pulczinski, Brittany Burkel (kindergarten), and Kristi Howell (fourth grade). (submitted photo)

Greenbush-Middle River School Elementary students, kindergarten through sixth grade, will each get at least one book per month to go home with this upcoming school year. This opportunity comes thanks to an area group making another donation in the spirit of reading— the Greenbush Area Friends of the Library (GAFL).

Judy Pulczinski, a GAFL officer, talked about this donation, the other work the group is doing and has done in the past, and, along with GAFL President Marita Becker, recognized the work of one dedicated member who they are saying goodbye to.

As for this recent donation to the GMR School, the group gave $900— $100 per month— to each of the school’s seven elementary classrooms, equaling a total donation of $6,300. These checks will be deposited into each classroom’s Scholastic book account and all GMR elementary students will get to order free books during the upcoming school year.

“We would have done it (the $900 donation), COVID or not,” Pulczinski said.

As for other recent activities, it donated $2,000 to partly funded the $5,795 COVID-19-related remodeling project at the library. This work included a clear shield that was built around the librarian’s front desk, and desk stations separated from each other by partitions, including four regular computer stations and two children I-pad stations.

As for some recent non-COVID work, the group is purchasing two new I-pads for children section of the public library and is ordering a digitally impaired reader. This reader, in a small globe shape, scans over a book that a person with visual impairments wants to read and then projects that book on the person’s TV. Patrons using this device can take it home to use it.

Pulczinski said that the GAFL group is always open to new members. It has a sign of upcoming GAFL meetings posted at the Greenbush Public Library.

Saying goodbye to a member

While talking about the fill-in hours GAFL members dedicated to the library, Pulczinski said one now former member and officer came to mind in terms of the dedication she has given to library— Dianne Churchill. The group wanted to now recognize her work since she is moving.

“Anytime we needed something, she (Dianne) would fill-in,” Pulczinski said.

Pulczinski mentioned an example of Dianne’s dedication.

“While they (Dianne and her husband Richard) were here (in Greenbush) during the summer, she would work (at the library) every single Saturday,” Pulczinski said, “because she felt bad but she wasn’t there during the winter to do it.”

Besides doing fill-in hours at the library, she has worked at book sales, helped set up, serve snacks, and clean up at various library-hosted events, and assisted with story hour at the library.

Asked what Dianne has meant to this group, Pulczinski said, “Priceless. It will be hard to find somebody to take the place.”

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