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Karlstad Community Birthday/Anniversary Calendar returns

Elaine Rud and Carol Sollund, both Lions calendar committee members, hold up a couple examples of the Karlstad Community Birthday/Anniversary calendars. The Karlstad Lions have been publishing these calendars for the last 19 years— the funds raised from them having gone to scholarships, Santa Day, and other community needs over the years. (photo by Ryan Bergeron)

The Karlstad Community Birthday/Anniversary Calendar has been published and used as a fundraiser for many, many years. Circle 2 of the Karlstad Hospital Guild published and sold the calendar for many years. The Hospital Guild then turned the calendar over to the Karlstad Lions Club in 2001. The Lions have been publishing the calendar for the past 19 years. Money raised from the calendar over the years has been used for scholarships, Santa Day, and other needs in the community.

Each September, members of the Lions approach community members and ask them if they would like their birthday and anniversary placed on the calendar. The calendar names are entered into the computer in October. The calendar is sent to the printer in November and then sold to the community in December. Businesses are also asked if they would like to place an ad on the calendar. The ad is visible on the calendar 365 days out of the year!

The Lions have not changed the price of the calendar in 19 years. The calendars still sell for $5.00 each. The price of the calendar includes five names. Each additional name or anniversary that is placed on the calendar is 25 cents. The ads on the calendar are $35.00 each.

The Lions would like everyone who is interested in having his or her name or anniversary placed on the calendar to please contact one of the Lions on the calendar committee. Committee members are: Marilyn Grandstrand, Kay Bostrom, Bonnie Loveness, Carol Sollund, Corinne Jacobson, Elaine Ruud, Avis Sele, Eleanor Dahlin, and Jeanne Collins.

We would love to have your family included on our calendar.

To find about the empty medicine bottles the Karlstad Lions are collecting, read the September 24 issue of the North Star News in print or online.

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