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GMR School says “no” to levy, Badger School says “yes” to levy and bond renewals: More local and state election results

The unofficial election results have come in for the cities of Greenbush and Badger and the schools of Greenbush-Middle River and Badger. Below are the results related to local school funding questions and school board and city council races. Further in, one will find the results of Minnesota state races. These unofficial results come courtesy of the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

Greenbush-Middle River School:
In Greenbush-Middle River, voters didn’t pass revoking the district’s current $506.05 per pupil operating levy and replacing it with a 10-year, $1,306.05 per pupil operating levy that increases with the rate of inflation. It fell with 864 (55.67%) “no” votes to 688 (44.53%) “yes” votes.

As for the GMR School Board election, four candidates ran for three spots on the board and, based on the results, the board will see a new face on it. That new face is non-incumbent Brandon Ignaszewski, leading the way with 1,004 votes (27.15%). Current board members Brandon Kuznia received 952 votes (25.74%) and Joseph Melby 944 votes (25.53%) to earn re-election to the board. After serving the board for three terms, current board member Laurie Stromsodt didn’t earn re-election, receiving 735 votes (19.88%). The GMR School Board race saw 63 write-in votes (1.70%).

Badger School:
As for the Badger School, its voters passed renewing its expiring capital project levy and its existing operating levy. By 438 “yes” votes (81.11%) to 102 “no” votes (18.89%), the Badger School District voters passed renewing the district’s expiring capital project levy that will run 10 years and fund over that time projects costing an approximate $523,465. By 439 “yes” votes (80.26%) to 108 “no” votes (19.74%), Badger School District voters also passed renewing the existing $1,170.29 per pupil operating levy for 10 years.

In the Badger School Board race, six candidates vied for three spots. After current board members Curt Hauger and Jim Christianson chose not to run for re-election, the Badger School District was assured to have at least two new board members following the election.

Six candidates ran for the three Badger School Board spots, meaning the board had the potential for three new faces. Based on the results, current board member Cari Dostal would earn re-election, leading the way with 318 votes (20.66%). The non-incumbent candidates, Jodie Davy received 298 votes (19.36%) and Brent Olson 280 votes (18.19%) to earn places onto the board. Not earning election to the board, Jared Von Ende received 242 votes (15.72%), Tara Wiskow 231 votes (15.01%) and Garrett Berg 165 votes (10.72%). This election had five write-in votes (0.32%).

City of Badger:
Speaking of Badger, its city council also featured a contested race, as three candidates ran for two city council spots. Leading the way, current council member Dan Carpenter would earn re-election with 132 votes (35.01%). Non-incumbent city council candidate Daegan Berger earned the second and final spot with 124 (32.89%) votes. After serving on the city council for eight years, current city council member Tommy Dann didn’t earn re-election, receiving 116 votes (30.77%). The city council race had five write-in votes (1.33%).

City of Greenbush:
The City of Greenbush didn’t have any contested races, but, after current Mayor Brenda Sather chose not to run for re-election, current city council member Eric Etherington ran for the position unopposed. Etherington won the mayoral election with 394 votes (96.81%); 13 write-in votes (3.19%) were cast for this position.

Two Greenbush council member spots were up for election. Current council member Dennis Filer earned re-election with 413 votes (89.59%) and 48 write-in votes (10.41%) were cast in this race as well.

State Races:
As for state races, John Burkel (Republican) of Badger won the election for Minnesota State Representative District 1A. Burkel received 15,147 votes (72.75%), besting Connie Lindstrom (Democratic-Farmer-Labor), who finished with 5,663 votes (27.20%). Burkel will fill the spot left by Representative Dan Fabian (Republican), who chose not to run for re-election.

In the Minnesota District 1 Senate Race, incumbent Senator Mark Johnson (Republican) earned re-election with 27,943 votes (69.64%), besting Reed Perkins, who finished with 12,147 votes (30.27%).

In the Minnesota U.S. Representative District 7 race, Michelle Fischbach (Republican) would win the election with 192,930 votes (53.47%). She would defeat incumbent Collin C. Peterson (Democratic-Farmer-Labor), who finished with 143,545 votes (39.78%), Slater Johnson (Legal Marijuana Now) 17,575 votes (4.87%) and Rae Hart Anderson 6,433 votes (1.78%).

In the Minnesota U.S. Senator race, incumbent Tina Smith (Democratic) earned her first full term to the Senate with 1,540,888 votes (48.76%). She bested Jason Lewis (Republican) who received 1,374,232 votes (43.49%), Kevin O’Connor (Legal Marijuana Now) 186,586 votes (5.9%), and Oliver Steinberg (Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis) 55,915 votes (1.77%).

Presidential Race:
In the U.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential race, Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) won Minnesota with 1,690,201 votes (52.43%), besting current President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Michael R. Pence (Republican), who received 1,459,339 votes (45.26%).

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