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Joe’s Diner joins the growing list of those defying Gov Walzs’ executive order

With rumors that Gov Walz will extend the dine in closures through the New Year today, Joe’s Diner announced on their Facebook page that they will defy his order and open for business.

The complete text of Joe’s Diner post:

First and foremost, I want to give a big thank you to those who bought gift cards. It is appreciated more than you know. We were able to reach our goal, which is absolutely amazing.

That gave us the ability to get through the month and to have enough to open up with on December 18th. Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that Governor Walz Is planning to extend the order for restaurants to stay closed, and if that happens, Joe’s Diner won’t survive.

It is my understanding that Governor Walz is trying to secure funding for businesses, but it’s a little too late for many, and for some it’s like trying to use a bandaid when a tourniquet is needed. For others, like Joe’s Diner, won’t qualify for the funding.

After doing a lot of research on this, a lot of praying (more than you can imagine), and speaking with other small business owners around the state, many who can no longer survive without opening back up, we have decided that if we are going to lose everything, we are going to go down fighting for it.

With that being said, Joe’s Diner will be opening back up Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00 a.m. in solidarity with 150 other small business’ in Minnesota.

I know that coronavirus is a real threat for some and I intend to take all the necessary precautions set forth by the CDC.

Everyone will be required to wear masks to and from their tables
Tables will be sanitized between each use
Menus are disposable
Hand sanitizer will be available.

I look forward to serving my loyal customers once again and I hope to see you soon!
(Just as a reminder, gift cards will start being issued on December 20th.)

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