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Roseau County (Minn.) Commissioners Proceedings/February 23, 2021

SUMMARY PROCEEDINGS OF THE FEBRUARY 23, 2021 ROSEAU COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING The Board of Commissioners of Roseau County, Minnesota met in the Courthouse in the City of Roseau on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. CALL TO ORDER The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Board Vice-Chair John Horner. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Commissioners present were Roger Falk, John Horner, Jack Swanson, and Russell Walker. Attending through ZOOM was Daryl Wicklund. Others present were Sue Grafstrom, Richard Gross, Martin Howes, John Huss, Liz Lund, Jeff Pelowski, Joleen Kezar, John Burkel, Myles Hogenson, Mike Flaagan, and Ryan Murray; while those attending through ZOOM were Diane Gregerson, Kristy Kjos, Karla Langaas, Martie Monsrud, Pam Shaw, Chris Stauffer, Cindy Tangen, Mike Trinka, Mikaela Huot, and Todd Peterson. APPROVAL OF AGENDA The Board approved the Agenda. COMMENTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Coordinator Pelowski commented that Kraus Anderson will be calling for bids for the old Law Enforcement Center Renovation Project; the Operations Committee/Board Work Session is scheduled for 8:30 am, Tuesday, March 2, 2021; and a Special Board Meeting will be held on March 2, 2021, 1:45 pm, for the purpose of interviewing for the County Engineer position. APPROVE BILLS The Board approved the payment of bills totaling: $448,135.29 DELEGATIONS/BOARD APPOINTMENTS/PUBLIC COMMENTS John Burkel, District 1A State Representative – Legislative Session Update Representative Burkel met with the Board to provide an update on the ongoing legislative session. The meetings have all been virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has drafted legislation that would allow Minnesota Counties to hire a County Engineer not currently living in the State. He has not asked for a hearing on the Bill to-date. Myles Hogenson, Roseau County Trailblazers Myles Hogenson met with the Board, representing the Roseau County Trailblazers, to request Board approval of a Letter of Support for a DNR Grant-In-Aid Application for a new trail (Warroad – Beltrami Island State Forest Corridor Trail) which would connect the Roseau, Warroad, and Beltrami State Forest trail systems, and, to request the Board pledge a portion of the matching funds required should their grant application be approved. Following discussion, the Board approved the Letter of Support, and pledged up to $20,000.00 of County funds towards the project, if applicable. In addition, Mr. Hogenson informed the Board that the Roseau County Trailblazers are submitting a DNR Grant Application for the new trail and will be requesting Board approval of a Sponsoring Resolution for the project. Following discussion, the Board approved the following Resolution: 2021-02-03 WARROAD-BELTRAMI ISLAND STATE FOREST CORRIDOR TRAIL – PROJECT SPONSORSHIP BE IT RESOLVED, that Roseau County agrees to act as sponsoring agency for the project identified as Warroad-Beltrami Island State Forest Corridor Trail, seeking DNR Federal Recreational Trails Program funding and has reviewed and approved the project as proposed. Sponsorship includes a willingness to secure and guarantee the local share of costs associated with this project and responsibility for seeing this project through to its completion, with compliance of all applicable laws, rules and regulations. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that County Auditor/Recorder Martha Monsrud is hereby authorized to act as agent on behalf of Roseau County. Mikaela Huot, Baker Tilley Municipal Advisors & Todd Peterson, City of Roseau – Eleven01 Apartment Project TIF & Tax Abatement. Todd Peterson and Mikaela Huot met with the Board to request approval to set a Public Hearing date for a proposed tax abatement. The City of Roseau EDA has requested a ten-year housing TIF from the City of Roseau and a fifteen-year tax abatement for the proposed housing project from the City of Roseau, Roseau School District, and Roseau County. Following discussion, the Board approved the following Resolution: 2021-02-01 RESOLUTION CALLING FOR A PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED PROPERTY TAX ABATEMENTS FOR THE PROPOSED 37-UNIT MULTIFAMILY RENTAL HOUSING PROJECT WHEREAS, Minnesota Statutes, Sections 469.1812 through 469.1816, both inclusive (the “Act”), authorize Roseau County, Minnesota (the “County”), upon satisfaction of certain conditions, to grant an abatement of all or a part of the taxes levied by the County on improvements made to real property within its boundaries; and WHEREAS, the County has received a proposal from the Roseau EDA (the “Owner”) and D.W. Jones, Inc. (the “Developer”) to construct a 37-unit apartment building in the City of Roseau, Minnesota, which project is to be known as The Eleven01 Apartments at 100% marketrate and no income restricted units (the “Project”); and WHEREAS, the County has received a request from the Owner and the Developer to abate a portion of the County’s property taxes on the property in the County identified in the Notice of Hearing attached hereto as Exhibit A (the “Property”) to assist the Owner and Developer in financing of the construction of the apartment building in the County; and WHEREAS, the Act requires that the County hold a public hearing prior to adoption of a resolution granting any property tax abatements: NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the County Board of Roseau County, Minnesota, as follows: (1) Hearing. A public hearing on the consideration of granting a property tax abatement as requested by the Owner and Developer will be held at the time and place set forth in the Notice of Hearing attached hereto as Exhibit A and hereby made a part hereof. (2) Notice. The County Auditor is hereby authorized and directed to cause notice of said hearing in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit A to be given one publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the County at least 10 days but not more than 30 days before the hearing. The newspaper must be one of general interest and readership in the County and must be published at least once per week. EXHIBIT A – DRAFT ROSEAU COUNTY NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING REGARDING PROPOSED PROPERTY TAX ABATEMENT FOR THE PROPOSED 37-UNIT MULTIFAMILY RENTAL HOUSING PROJECT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the County Board of Roseau County, Minnesota (the “County”), will hold a public hearing at a meeting of the County Board beginning at 9:00 A.M., on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 on the request of the City of Roseau and Roseau EDA to have the County abate all or a portion of the County’s share of the property taxes to be levied on tax parcel number 54.0303006 (the “Property”). The total amount of the taxes proposed to be abated by the County for a maximum period of 15 years (as estimated to be for the years 2032 through 2046) is estimated to be not more than $207,311. The County Board will consider granting a property tax abatement on the Property in connection with the construction of the 37-unit multifamily rental housing project in the County. Information about the proposed abatement, including a summary of the terms of the abatement and business subsidy are available for inspection at the County Auditor’s office at the Courthouse during regular business hours or by calling 218-463-1282. All interested persons may appear at the hearing and present their views orally or prior to the meeting in writing. CONSENT AGENDA The Board, by adoption of its Consent Agenda, approved the February 9, 2021, Regular Board Proceedings. DEPARTMENT REPORTS Highway Bridge Replacement Project – Bid Award County Engineer Flaagan and Assistant Engineer Murray requested Board approval of bids received to construct the Mickelson Bridge Replacement Project, (SAP 068-599-102). The Engineer’s Estimate for the project was $414,292.00. There were three bids submitted with Davidson Construction providing the lowest bid at $283,655.00. Following discussion, the Board approved hiring Davidson Construction to construct the bridge replacement project for $283,655.00. COUNTY BOARD ITEMS MN Clean Car Rule – Resolution The Minnesota Rural Counties (MRC) group has requested Board approval of a Resolution opposing the MPCA adoption of California’s lowemission vehicle (LEV) and zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandates. Following discussion, the Board approved the following Resolution: 2021-02-02 RESOLUTION OPPOSING THE MPCA ADOPTING CALIFORNIA’S LOW-EMISSION VEHICLE (LEV) and ZERO-EMISSION VEHICLE (ZEV) MANDATES WHEREAS, Roseau County is responsible for providing essential government services such as transportation infrastructure and solid waste management that promotes a vibrant community; WHEREAS, Roseau County works tirelessly to be good stewards of our tax dollars and provide these programs in a cost-effective and efficient manner; WHEREAS, the M innesota PollutionControl Agency (MPCA) is inthe process of adopting California’s Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV)andZero- Emission Vehicle (ZEV)mandates,which are expected to phase-out the sale of fuel-powered passenger vehicles by 2035; WHEREAS, the adoption of these rules is being conducted by rulemaking, which limits the scope of the discussion to a narrow set of issues, precluding a broader policy debate on the economic development, transportation, energy, and waste disposal impacts of the policy. The proposed rule and process for adopting it also fail to address many of the Minnesota-specific concerns related to our county’s demographics and climate. WHEREAS, the MPCA’s own documents show that the plan to mandate California’s LEV and ZEV standards is likely to increase the cost of all light- and medium-duty vehicles sold in Minnesota by an average of $1,139; WHEREAS, the MPCA estimates the rule will displace 674 million gallons of fuel by 2034, before the phasing out of fuel-powered vehicles, but the MPCA’s documents do not address the long-term consequences of our county’s transportation revenues (or the impacts on our local ethanol plant/biofuels industry); WHEREAS, batteries in electric vehicles weigh ten-times as much as batteries in vehicles with internal combustion engines and include more toxic elements, exposing our county to increased disposal costs and liabilities; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Roseau County opposes the MPCA’s attempt to adopt California’s mandates through rulemaking without consulting the Legislature; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Roseau County encourages the Walz administration to withdraw its proposed rulemaking and bring a proposal to the Legislature where a more comprehensive policy can be considered; and BE IT FURTHER ADVISED that Roseau County stands ready to advise the Governor, his administration, and our regional Legislators on proactive methods to achieve the goals raised by Governor Walz without adversely impacting our ability to provide public services; and BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that Roseau County will advocate against this rulemaking to ensure that our concerns about increased costs, lost transportation revenues, and battery waste are contemplated and mitigated. COVID-19 Pandemic – Update Coordinator Pelowski provided an update on the Roseau County Small Business and Non-Profit Organization Grant Program. There were 133 applications submitted. The committee divided the applicants into five categories based on the legislature’s intent concerning allocation of the funding: 1) bars/restaurants/bowling alleys; 2) theatres; 3) event-related businesses & non-profits, hotels; 4) fitness centers & gyms; 5) other businesses and non-profits directly impacted by an Executive Order (EO) issued by Governor Walz, (ie. shut down due to the pandemic). 87/133 applicants received a grant ranging from $1,750 to $5,000, (grant amount based entirely on the category the applicant was placed), while 46/133 applicants did not receive a grant as they did not fit into any of the five categories. Emergency Manager Grafstrom provided an overall pandemic update, including a Roseau County vaccination update and case count trends. In addition, she provided an update regarding the 911 software project. Commissioner Committee Reports (February 9 – February 23, 2021) Commissioner Falk reported on the following committee(s): Highway Committee; ATP Committee; Social Services Board; Northwest Community Action Board. Commissioner Horner reported on the following committee(s): Highway Committee; Social Services Board; Lake Township Board; Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) General Government Policy Committee. Commissioner Swanson reported on the following committee(s): Highway Committee; Law Library Committee; CARES Act Committee; Statewide Emergency Communications Board Finance Committee; Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative “True North” Coalition; Team EPIC; Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust Board of Directors; Emergency Management COVID Stakeholders Meeting(s); Social Services Board; AMC Legislative Conference; AMC Public Safety Policy Committee; AMC Board of Directors. Commissioner Walker reported on the following committee(s): Highway Committee; Social Services Board; AMC Environment & Natural Resources Policy Committee. Commissioner Wicklund reported on the following committee(s): Highway Committee; CARES Act Committee; Social Services Board; NW MN HHW JPB; Two Rivers Watershed Board. Upon motion carried, the Board adjourned the Regular meeting at 10:50 a.m. The next Special meeting of the Board is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2, 2021, at 1:45 p.m. The next Regular meeting of the Board is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, 2021, at 8:30 a.m. (March 17, 2021)

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