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Tri-County students bringing something sweet to the stage: Spring play performances scheduled for April 7-9


Tri-County will feature its spring play, “The Scandalous Scheme at the Sweet Shoppe,” by Carol Maxson on April 7-9 on the school stage. The cast posed for a group photo at a recent practice; they are (L-R): First Row: Carter Thompson and Ari Kuznia; Second Row: Lilly Duray, Lydia Hanson, Rachel Levenhagen, and Director Laurie Lofstrom; Third Row: Ella Kasprowicz, Paulina Berggren, and Emily Barth; Fourth Row: Anton Budziszewski, Trey Taylor, and Jaxon Klegstad; Missing: Mari Folland and Director Camille Wollin. (photo by Jennifer Klegstad)

Caramel Sweet inherited a candy shoppe from her dad in the 1920’s. But the shoppe is in danger of going under, due to her not being able to find her dad’s secret fudge recipe. Her two stepsisters want to sell the shoppe to a gangster named Big Harry Deal, to allow him to turn the shoppe into a speakeasy. From that point, trouble ensues. Will Caramel Sweet find that recipe and save the candy shoppe?

One will have to find out in this year’s Tri-County School spring play, “The Scandalous Scheme at the Sweet Shoppe,” by Carol Maxson. Tri-County staff member Laurie Lofstrom is directing the school’s rendition of this performance, scheduled for April 7-9 on the Tri-County School stage.

The thespians will open in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 7 for a school performance. Then, on Thursday, April 8 and Friday, April 9, they will have 7:30 pm public performances.

The students began preparing for these final performances on February 15, doing four morning practices per week (Monday through Thursday) that have begun at 6:45 am. Practices have gone well, Lofstrom explained.

“We’re doing okay. Of course, now we only have the one week left, more or less, that now it’s getting a little hairy,” Lofstrom said. “But, yeah, it’ll be fine. They pretty much seem to have it all down, so I’m impressed.”

The cast and crew members (with their parts in parentheses) include: Trey Taylor (Big Harry Deal), Ellamae Kasprowicz (Aunt Twixie), Anton Budziszewski (Justin Thyme), Emily Barth (Tootsy), Carter Thompson (Cy Kosis), Mari Folland (Taffy Sours), Jaxon Klegstad (Farron Heit), Rachel Levenhagen (Toffee Sours), Paulina Berggren (Caramel Sweet), Lydia Hanson (Lulu), Ari Kuznia (Penny Candy), Michael Thompson (Fingers), Lilly Duray (Stage Crew), Hannah Kasprowicz (Lights).
Hannah Kasprowicz and Michael Thompson are Tri-County drama alumni returning to be part of this performance. The “Judge/Narrator” character is being played by a special guest. Helping Lofstrom, Camille Wollin is the production’s assistant director.

For each evening performance, 50 free tickets are being offered to the public, allowing for six-foot spacing between chairs. As Lofstrom explained, the tickets are first come and first serve. People can call the school (218-436-2261) to reserve their tickets or pick them up at the school office.

Lofstrom hopes her group can provide people with something sweet during a unique time.

“We just want to have something fun for the public to do in the midst of all of this,” Lofstrom said. “Hopefully, it’ll get people out and they can enjoy a night out.”

To see the complete story, read the April 1 issue of the North Star News in print or online.

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