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Tri-County Spring Play


Emily Barth, also known as Tootsy Rolla, was a real flapper with an attitude. She took on the Sour Sisters played by Rachel Levenhagen and Mari Folland as they tried to sell the Sweet Shoppe to the gangster mob.

Cast and Crew included: Gary Taylor (special guest) , Ella Kasprowicz, Trey Taylor, Jaxon Klegstad, Carter Thompson, Lydia Hanson, Anton Budziszewski, Michael Thompson (special guest), Director Laurie Lofstrom, Rachel Levenhagen, Ari Kuznia, Paulina Berggren, Mari Folland, Lilly Duray, and Director Camille Wollin.

LuLu, played by Lydia Hanson, fights for the affection of Gangster Big Harry Deal, played by Trey Taylor while Johnny “Fingers” Keys (in the background) indiscreetly plays ragtime music to keep up the 20s themed melodrama rolling.

Caramel Sweet, played by Paulina Berggren,catches the eye of Undercover FBI Agent, Justin Thyme played by Anton Budziszewski.

The Tri-County Spring play, The “Scandalous Scheme at the Sweet Shoppe” by Cheri Maxson, was held on April 8th and 9th under the direction of Laurie Lofstrom and Camille Wollin. It was set in the 1920’s during the time of jazz, ragtime, flappers and lots of gangster fun. Big Harry Deal and his thugs are after Caramels Sweet’s candy shoppe and not everyone is exactly who they seem to be…

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