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Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report


On the south end… The lake is still ice covered with big stretches of open water which is expanding daily. Anglers fishing the lake are fishing in front of the Lighthouse Gap where the Rainy River enters LOW. Anglers are allowed a limit of walleyes and saugers on the lake, but catch and release only on Four Mile Bay and the Rainy River during the spring walleye season which lasts through April 14. The walleye season opens again on May 15th.

Pike Fishing. Open water is available in the back bays such as various Four Mile Bay, Bostic Creek, Zippel Bay and backwaters on the Rainy River where pike spawn. Some nice pike being caught in shallow water areas. These areas are off of the main lake and perfect for small boats. The pike season is open year round on LOW and the Rainy River. 3 fish per day, 30-40 inches must be released, one over 40″ allowed.

On the Rainy River… This past week was nothing short of incredible for walleye fishing on the Rainy River. Large numbers of big walleyes were caught and released. Many fish 30 – 33+ inches in the mix. Exactly why anglers love the Rainy River in the spring.

Good reports up and down the river including Four Mile Bay.

A 3/8 – 1/2 ounce jig is working nicely tipped with a minnow or a plastic. Bright plastics and frozen shiners working best on jigs. Some anglers trolling crankbaits with success to cover water.

Sturgeon fishing continues to be good with good numbers of sturgeon being caught. Most anglers targeting holes in the river. Some sturgeon being caught on rolling sand dunes with fish laying in the depressions. Wherever there is food and a bit of slacker water!

With lower current, a 3 ounce no-roll sinker combined with a sturgeon rig (18″ snell of 60 lb test with a 4/0 or 5/0 circle hook) with a glob of crawlers, frozen emerald shiners or both is the ticket. Local bait shops have rigs and bait available.

Up at the NW Angle… Locals are able to get their boats from the mainland (Angle Inlet) to most areas of the islands. Looking ahead to open water, there are various ways to travel to the NW Angle this summer without crossing the border. If you have the right boat and expertise, boating across is an option. There is also the Lake of the Woods Passenger Service (charter boat shuttle to Angle). And finally, Lake Country Air flying service, a float plane service out of Baudette and other locations. A complete list of lodging and fishing packages available on the Rainy River, around Lake of the Woods and up at the NW Angle at

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