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Badger, Minn School District 676 Proceedings/March 9,2021

Badger ISD #676 Regular Meeting Tuesday, March 9, 2021 4:00 PM Band Choir Music Room ( Room 2 being used for COVID-19 social-distance spacing guidelines) 110 Carpenter Ave. Badger, Minnesota 56714 Minutes of Regular Meeting 1. Call to Order at 4:03 P.M. 1.1. Pledge of Allegiance 1.1.a. Opening Statement by Board Chair (or designee) regarding general process for this remote School Board Meeting during COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. 1.2. Roll Call (alphabetical order): Jodie Davy, Cari Dostal, Jamie Isane, Brent Olson, Carol Rhen and Jeramy Swenson. All board members attended via in-person. 1.3. Administration: Kevin Ricke, Shena Brandt and Stacey Warne 2. Visitors Present via zoom: Shannon Dostal, Striker Hasson, Ryan Bergeron, Gretchen Lee, and Jason Splett with Industrial Contract Services (ICS) 3. Recommendation to add and/or remove items to the agenda from Board Members or School Administrators 4. Approval of Agenda 4.1. A motion was made by Member Swenson to approve the agenda for the Tuesday, March 9, 2021 Regular School Board Meeting as presented/amended with the addition of agenda item 9.3. Seconded by Member Rhen. 5. Minutes 5.1. A motion was made by Member Davy to approve the minutes of the Regular School Board Meeting held on Monday, February 8, 2021. Seconded by Member Olson. 6. Consent Agenda 6.1. Pay Bills: A motion was made by Member Davy to approve the payment of bills check #60899 through check #60963 for a total of $53,366.18 as listed, Purchasing Card electronic payments dated March 3, 2021 and Electronic Fund Transfers as submitted. Seconded by Member Swenson. 7. Communications 7.1. Presentation plus Q & A with Jason Splett: Short- and Long-Term Facility Maintenance (LTFM) Planning services are available to school districts through a Northwest Service Cooperative (NWSC) endorsed provider. ICS-Builds is a network partner with the NWSC which means reduce-fees/discounted rate for services. • LTF Plan is mandated by MDE to be submitted by June 30th of each year • ICS is a valuable asset to districts as it provides facility planning and will help the Badger School to plan and move forward with the boiler project. • The initial assessment fee is $5,000. Then, the fee is $1,200 a year after the first year. With the NWSC this is much less than normal ($7,000 initial and $2,000 each year after). • Jason also toured the arena building. He indicated that it was a great deal as the cost was low. Nothing new could be built for that. • If this was purchased minimum updates would need to be done to the bathrooms to be ADA compliant. • If the plan is to update and use as an instructional space this will require a lot of work and money. • Member Swenson indicated that if the building went on the market and was purchased by someone else they could choose not to rent to us or even charge a lot more. If they didn’t rent to us we would need to drill a well and build a concession stand. • Custodian Striker Hasson, Member Isane and Member Swenson were going to look at the building and discuss. 7.2. Badger Area Arena Association follow up letter with usage and cost of operation information exploring the sale of the Arena to Badger School District 7.3. Transportation Update – Arrival of new Ford Transit Passenger Wagon? 7.4. Buildings and Grounds 7.5. Superintendent 7.5.a. School-issued Board of Education email addresses separate from personal email: Timeline to complete transition to email accessed through the school website and/or Microsoft Outlook? 7.5.b. Personnel Updates: One informal inquiry from a potential candidate regarding Special Education Teacher Vacancy for SY2021-22 7.5.c. Unrequested Leave of Absence (ULA) may be forthcoming: Contingent upon if ISD 2683 discontinues their two-fifths (forty percent) portion of the shared Social Worker position for next SY2021-22 at their March 15 school board meeting, then by a statutory timeline requirement, Badger School District may need to have a Special School Board Meeting to issue an Unrequested Leave of Absence (ULA) notification prior to April 1. 7.5.d. Academic Calendar for SY2021-2022 – Agenda item #9.1 7.5.e. Recommend extending deadline again for leaves granted by the Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act (FFCRA). Agenda item #9.2 7.5.f. Group Health Insurance Transparency Act (HITA) Bid Opening for Badger ISD 676 tentatively to be scheduled for Friday, April 9 at 1:30pm (subject to change). 7.5.g. Legislative Update – ESSER III (round 3) announced/approved at Federal level despite no specifics on ESSER II (round 2) funds being released at the State level yet 7.5.h. Recommend membership in the Northwest Minnesota Council of Collaboratives – Agenda Item #9.3 7.5.i. Badger School District Budget to Actual Expenditure Report 7.6. Dean of Students 7.6.a. Student Enrollment 7.6.b. MSHSL Winter Sports Post-Season Tournament Announcements 7.6.c. Junior Hailey VonEnde will be recognized for the state level ExCEL (Excellence in Community, Education and Leadership) Award 7.6.d. Red Ribbon Week March 15-19 with events sponsored by our TARGET Team. What does the acronym TARGET stand for? “withouT Alcohol oR druGs wE Triumph” 7.6.e. Important Dates 7.6.f. Date for Prom moved to Saturday, May 8, 2021. Prom Planning Guidance Attached 8. Reports 8.1. Notification of Compliance with Local Government Pay Equity Act. 8.2. Accept Donations: A motion was made by Member Davy to accept the following donations. Seconded by Member Rhen. U.C. 8.3. Accept Cash Report: A motion was made by Rhen to accept the cash report through February 28, 2021 subject to audit. Seconded by Member Dostal. U.C. 8.4. Policy Audit feedback from Minnesota School Boards Association Policy Services. The audit report suggests a strategy to move toward making our Policy Manual up to date. 9. Proposed Resolutions 9.1. Approve Academic Calendar: A motion was by Member Swenson to approve the academic calendar for school year 2021-2022 as presented (Option #1). Seconded by Member Rhen. U.C. 9.2. Voluntarily at employer’s discretion to extend FFCRA Deadline: A motion was made by Member Dostal, seconded by Member Olson to extend Deadline for Leaves Granted by the Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act WHEREAS, the Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act (FFCRA) required covered employers to provide up to 80 hours of paid emergency sick leave and up to 12 weeks or partially paid expanded family and medical leave, and WHEREAS, the requirement to provide said leave ended on December 31, 2020, and WHEREAS, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 provides the option for covered employers to extend the deadline for eligible employees to use any unused hours/days of leaves defined in the FFCRA through June 30, 2021 March 31, 2021. BE IT RESOLVED, Badger Public School shall extend or shall not extend the deadline for eligible employees to use any unused hours/days of the FFCRA paid emergency sick leave and partially paid expanded family and medical leave, according to the guidelines outlined in the FFCRA, through June 30, 2021 March 31, 2021. 9.3. Membership in Northwest MN Council of Collaboratives: A motion was by Member Rhen to approve membership and payment of $1,350 dues to the Northwest Minnesota Council of Collaboratives for 2021. Seconded by Member Swenson. U.C. 10. Adjourn Motion by Member Davy, seconded by Member Dostal to adjourn the meeting at 5:32 PM. U.C. Upcoming Dates: Regular School Board Meeting- April 12,2021 @ 7:30 p.m. in the Music Room. Cari Dostal, Clerk Jamie Isane, Chairperson (Aprll 21, 2021)

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