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EXCLUSIVE: Charges Filed, Allegedly Threatened Suicide Just Before Crash Killed 2 Boys In EGF

EAST GRAND FORKS, MN (iNewZ.TV) Charges have now been filed against a driver in a 2-vehicle head-on crash that killed 2 boys in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. An arrest warrant has been issued for Valentin Mendoza IV.


  1. Shannon Grave on October 23, 2021 at 12:03 am

    Isn’t this three strikes for this guy? His third felony? He was placed in jail in ND after robbing someone with an outstanding felony in TX. Was released/paroled in ND from his conviction and prison term to the custody of his mother. While on parole/probation, he was caught with firearms in his possession, admitted to alcohol and drug use, and killed two kids while being in a different state – which may or may not have been out of bounds for him. And, this will be his third felony? Well, #3 and #4? Why did ND NOT send him back to jail immediately when he was caught with guns in his possession while on probation? What a travesty of justice. If the judge would have done his job, these boys would still be alive.

  2. sharon wigren on November 5, 2021 at 10:31 pm

    I also wonder why the texas dirtball got released on a $500.00 bail. ridiculous! Now this dumb dirtball is on the run, where will he surface next, in a Florida swamp? Sorry for not being nice or kind but this guy makes me mad!

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