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Lyle “Pat” Keaveny, 87

Lyle “Pat” Keaveny of East Grand Forks, MN, passed away on December 4th, 2021 at the age of 87. In his own words he said he “had a good run”!

He was one of the funniest, kindest, and most gentle persons you could ever meet. He was known for his quick wit and made everyone laugh within minutes of meeting him. He accepted everyone for who they were and was a friend to all; he judged no one.

He was born in Wales, ND on July 20th, 1934 in his family home. His parents were James and Clara (Berger) Keaveny. He had one sister Lucielle (Onerheim) and two brothers Jim and Jack. He outlived them all.

He graduated from high school in Wales with ten other people in 1952. He worked at a lumber company in Wales for three years before being drafted into the army and served for two years. He then went on to work for Greenberg Roofing, Meadow Gold Ice Cream, and Skinner Roofing. He retired in 1998.

He had married twice. First to Carrolle Danielson on December 31st, 1965 and then to Karen Keller on August 9th, 1977. He and Karen spent forty-two years together until she passed away on May 5th, 2021.

Things he enjoyed doing throughout his life were bowling, playing ping pong, lots of card games at the VFW with his buddies, and going for walks outside. He liked to sit on his swing in his front yard with his radio and cordless phone; watching the squirrels and birds and visiting with his neighbors. He liked watching old TV shows like Columbo, Perry Mason, All in the Family, and westerns. You knew not to call him between 5:00 and 5:30 because he watched Jeopardy every night and always rooted for the underdog. He hated to see anyone win more than once. He also loved to watch his beloved Bison football team while curled up with the blanket that his granddaughter Hannah made him.

He enjoyed going to the movies a few days a week and would watch “whatever started at noon”. If he didn’t like the movie, he started with he would just switch to another theatre and watch (or sleep through) a different one.

Lyle left behind his only daughter Terri, along with her husband Tim Land. He had three grandchildren – Christopher Dorscher, Justin Dorscher, and Hannah Land. He loved his small family with all his heart!

He came and watched many of our activities like hockey (really liked it when we played Langdon), football, and softball games, pool tournaments, orchestra concerts; everything! It didn’t matter if they were in town or out of town.

Family tradition was Saturday mornings he would pick me up and we would go out for breakfast and talk about everything! They started when I (Terri) was young and as the family grew it wasn’t just him and I anymore. We all went. As the grandkids grew older it was whoever was around or in town, but everyone knew Saturday mornings were spent with Grandpa. Eventually our Saturdays changed and I would pick him up. We ran errands like grocery shopping, banking, post office, haircuts, etc – but they always included breakfast. Even after Covid struck we would pick up our breakfast from a drive through and find a park to eat at or just sit in the car by the river to eat, talk, and laugh. My dad passed away on a Saturday…

Due to the pandemic, a small family ceremony will be held in the spring of 2022 at the cemetery in Wales.

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