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Tri-County School sparsity aid bill introduced at State Capitol


The Tri-County School Board meeting lasted about eight minutes, as Superintendent Ron Ruud was out sick. The board did take several actions on some items, but when the meeting adjourned several board members notified the North Star News about a sparsity aid bill for Tri-County introduced at the State Capitol.

State Representative John Burkel drafted a bill specifically for the Tri-County School. On March 7, 2022, bill H.F. No. 4067 was read for the first time and referred to the Committee on Education Finance, according to

According to the bill’s language, as provided on, it would adjust the sparsity aid revenue for Tri-County, specifically for its elementary school. If passed, it would provide additional sparsity aid, or general education aid, to Tri-County in fiscal year 2023, dollars appropriated from the general fund to the Department of Education. No specific dollar amount was yet provided in the bill.

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