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GMR FCCLA heads to state, earns national callbacks: Chapter running flamingo fundraiser


Have You Been Flocked? The GMR FCCLA is hosting its flamingo fundraiser again. Contact Mrs. Laura Dahl within 48 hours after receiving the flock to designate the next yard for the flamingos to land in. submitted photo

The Greenbush-Middle River FCCLA had five national callbacks in Professional Presentation. Meagan Otto (Level 2), Brylie Kjersten and Rhiana Utter (Level 2) and Savannah Anderson and Aubrey Eeg (Level 1). Chapter advisor Laura Dahl said this this was an “outstanding” accomplishment for the members and the Greenbush-Middle River FCCLA Chapter.

What does this mean? It means that these members have finished first or second in their event and level coming out of the FCCLA virtual state competition. They will compete in-person on Thursday at the FCCLA State Conference with the hopes of advancing to the FCCLA National Conference in San Diego, California in June.

Members competing in National Events do not have call-backs. The national event winners will be announced at the FCCLA State Conference on Tuesday. Those competing in national events are McKenna Bennett, Brooklyn Wahl, Berlyn Burkel, Chance Christian, Elizabeth Gust, Sierra Westberg, Audrey Gust, Mya Bennett, Rhiana Utter (who is double entered), and Katelyn Waage.

As a result of the success of the Greenbush-Middle River FCCLA Chapter, the “Flamingos” are landing! Proceeds will support the cost of registration and lodging for the fourteen members who advanced to the State FCCLA convention in Bloomington, Minnesota April 6-8, 2022. The students will present their STAR Events in hopes of earning a trip to the national FCCLA competition San Diego, California in July.

Since you’ve been “Flocked” – this is what you need to do:

1. You need to contact Mrs. Laura Dahl by text at 218-689-8513 or e-mail at within 48 hours after receiving the flock to designate the next yard for the flamingos to land in. The FCCLA members will then relocate the flock. There will be two flocks flying in Greenbush and Middle River Communities and are welcome to fly into the country. If you choose not to participate, please contact Laura Dahl to have the flock relocated to a yard chosen by the FCCLA chapter. *Flocks will be relocated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.

2. A suggested donation of $40.00 will be greatly appreciated when the flock migrates to a new location. Donations can be dropped off at the Greenbush-Middle River school office or sent to Laura Dahl (FCCLA Adviser), Greenbush-Middle River School, PO Box 70, Greenbush, Minnesota 56726

3. Please accept a huge THANK YOU from the GMR FCCLA Chapter. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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