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Proceedings/Tri-County School District 2358 (Karlstad, Minn.)

Regular Board of Education Meeting

Tri-County School District 2358

March 16, 2022, 6:30 PM

Tri-County School Library

Karlstad, Minnesota

 The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Burkel at 6:30 PM and a quorum was determined.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Board members Burkel, Caldwell, Duray, Hanson, Koland, Oliver and Sollund were present plus, Assistant Principal on Special Assignment Lori Zick.

We Are Proud…

  • of Coach Spilde and the boys’ basketball team.  They finished winning the north half of the conference and playing in the first ever conference championship game.  Throughout the year they developed as a team and became one of the top teams in the area.
  • of Coach Nelson and the girls’ basketball team.  Their season is over, but they were a team of growth and development.  As the season progressed, they grew into a quality squad, playing tough games against the top teams in our area.
  • of the Tri-County community for all the help needed to host boys and girls basketball at our school.  Included would be Tara Larson, Dixie Storby, Tyler Storby, Melissa Thompson, Jon Swenson, Brent Boen, John Fetterhoff, Heidi Hanson, Jonathan Pearson, Kyle Folland, Jaron Englund, Logan Englund, Joyceln Englund, and Julie Spilde.  Their constant help and dedication to our school and community is extremely appreciated.  I’m sure I forgot people, sorry.
  • of the Tri-County Concert Choir for their amazing performance at the MSHSL large group choir contests on March 8.  They earned Superior ratings from all 3 judges: missing a perfect score from one of the judges by 1 point. They had the highest scores of the day and were selected as the OUTSTANDING CHORAL PERFORMANCE of the day! The judges praised them for their attention to detail, and excellent poise on stage
  • Since it was Minnesota school board recognition week February 21-25th, I’d like to note how the school board members have been working hard to keep up on trainings, extra meetings, letting the public be heard, and making sure the student body and staff are a top priority. We appreciate their hard work!

Member Oliver moved and member Hanson seconded to approve the agenda as presented. U

Member Duray moved and member Caldwell seconded to approve the minutes of the February 16, 2022 Regular meeting.  UC

Member Sollund moved and member Oliver seconded to authorize payment for claims in the following funds.   UC

Last Year                             This Year

01 GENERAL                                 $50,768.31                          $92,835.10

02 FOOD SERVICE                            9,766.85                              5,778.37

04 COMMUNITY SERVICE                     58.84                              3,212.30

06 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION         5,646.00                                     0.00

21 STUDENT ACTIVITIES                  6,159.88                              5,180.51

TOTAL                                          $72,399.88                        $107,006.28



Member Hanson moved and member Duray seconded to approve the use of the school facilities by the Junior After Prom parents on April 30th.   UC

Member Sollund moved and member Koland seconded to approve the hiring of Melissa Thompson as an Assistant Golf coach.  UC


Member Koland moved and member Oliver seconded to approve the hiring of Gary Taylor as an Interim Head Baseball coach for the 2021-22 season.   UC

Assistant Principal’s Report: Sledding days for K – 6 grades. MCA testing.

NWRIC: Meet in April

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2022, Tri-County School Library.

Member Duray moved and member Oliver seconded to adjourn.  UC

Respectfully submitted by Mark Koland, Clerk                                                                .

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