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Meet the Folks at The Northern Light






Julie Nordine-Bergman  is the Publisher-Editor at The Northern Light. She also does page layout and manages the office.

You can contact Julie at or by calling 218.634.2700


Sarah Hull


My name is Sarah Hull, and I am the Reporter/Production Assistant at the NLR. I started working for the Northern Light in the summer of 2007, right after my sophomore year in high school, as part of the Carl Pohlad Foundation’s summer internship program. I loved the job, and was even able to write some stories and interview many people that summer.

When a position became available in early 2013, I knew that I wanted to work for the Northern Light again. I joined Managing Editor Doris Knutson and Special Projects Coordinator Mike Hovde as an Office Assistant, as well as publishers Rolly and Julie Bergman. After the Northern Light and Baudette Region papers merged together in April 2013, I was able to start helping lay out some pages for the paper. I worked in the office three days a week, and after my second daughter was born, I took on a mainly behind-the-scenes role, typing from home.

I am a lifelong resident of Williams — I am the daughter of Doris Knutson and the late Ricky Knutson. I currently reside here with my husband, Bobby and my three children: Ericka, Braylee and Charlton. I am looking forward to continuing to bring Lake of the Woods County their weekly news!

You can contact Sarah at or by calling 218.634.2700.

Robert Hopwood


This is the first time most of you have heard about me, but my family has lived in Lake of the Woods County for nearly 20 years. During that time, I’ve become a frequent visitor to the area.

When I first visited Baudette in 1989, I had just finished ninth grade at my junior high school in Pennsylvania. My parents took a vacation that summer to Montana, and we drove part-way home on the Trans-Canada Highway, crossing into the United States at Warroad.

My father fell in love with the north woods, buying a cabin along the Rapid River and then a house across the road from the Rainy River. In 2003, my parents moved here full time.

Since graduating from college in Tennessee, I’ve lived in several states, including Georgia, North Carolina, and California. During that time, I have made many trips to Baudette.
While here, I caught walleye, went camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, spent time ice fishing, drove a snowmobile along the border, watched the northern lights, ate a Juicy Lucy and got bit by more mosquitos than I can count.

I’ve worked for several news organizations since graduating from college. I have experience in online journalism, social media, reporting and writing. This year, I decided to move to Northern Minnesota after working for nearly nine years for The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, Calif.

The change of address has taken me from one extreme to another. In California, I lived near Mexico, while here I live across a river from Canada. I experienced more summer days above 115°F than I can remember in the desert, and while visiting Baudette, I’ve learned how -20°F feels.

Moving here isn’t a step down for me. For a while now, I’ve wanted to spend more time with my family and help my parents as they grow older. Now I can do that.
I won’t lie; I miss California. But right now, I wouldn’t trade watching movies with mom and dad for an afternoon in a poolside cabana or at my favorite beach, Dume Cove in Malibu, Calif.

A newspaper is a historical record of its community, and that’s why I love them. Lake of the Woods County is a fascinating community filled with interesting people who I can’t wait to meet and learn more about.

Last week I learned again that I have a lot to discover about Minnesota’s culture. I’ve never been to a meat raffle, eaten a hotdish with tater tots, tried lutefisk, or been to the state fair. You’ll have to let me know what other traditions I need to learn about while living here.

You can contact Robert at or by calling 218.634.2700.


Marlo Clark

Administrative Assistant

Hi there, I am Marlo. My husband and I ventured up here this last June. As avid fishermen, we knew this was a great opportunity for us to spend our anniversary. What we did not expect was to fall in love with such a hidden gem. Baudette, the community and of course, the beautiful, river and lakes — things we always dreamed of inserting into our “retirement” days.

Over the course of the last few months, we made the rather insane choice, to box up, and head out… to Baudette, relocating from another rather busy, resort like area, which we called home; Spencer, IA. Through that decision, we knew it was sink or swim, and so far, the relocation has been good to us. Which we chalk up to a great community, so, with that said, we say “thank you.”

Kirby and I have children, living in NW Iowa and central Missouri. (With that said, Sorry Vikings fans, we are die hard Kansas City Chiefs fans, through and through.)
As far for me, I am what I would call, the 39-year-old mom, ready to take on the next chapter of her life, at 40. In our free time you will find us fishing, participating in Epilepsy Foundation fundraisers, spending time with our beautiful three pups Bonnie, Clyde and Boscoe. And one of our favorites, exploring this beautiful state.

I want to thank the team again for allowing me to be a part of the paper, and all of the great things that will come with it. I look forward to meeting more and more people in the community as we get settled within our new roles here in Baudette.

You can contact Marlo at or by calling 218.634.2700


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